Saleen Ford Mustang S351 Has 700HP
By Nick Dasko
Dec 7, 2012 - 12:37:54 PM


By Nick Dasko

Steve Saleen left his company to found SMS Supercars in 2008. Well that company is dead and he is back where should be. The latest car out Saleen's shop is the S351 Mustang which sports a 351 C.I. engine (5.7 liters.)

Using a Saleen 296 supercharger this is a tremendously potent 700hp machine. In order to get all that power to the pavement the only gearbox is a six-speed manual. The clutch is a heavy-duty Saleen unit. The final drive is set to 3.73:1. This thing PULLS!!

In order to stop this massively powerful Mustang, the brakes have of course been upgraded. At all four corners are 15 inch rotors. To accomodate the big brakes are 20 inch rims.

“I think we have certainly pushed the bar in the production Mustang segment with our 351 offering. Once the project came together I couldn’t help but thinking; if the 302 mustang is using a coyote engine, the 351 is definitely the gray wolf of the class,”said Al Wagner, V.P. of Engineering.

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