Spy Photos of 2015 Mustang Show Family Nose
By Nick Dasko
Nov 22, 2012 - 4:51:22 PM


By Nick Dasko

When the Mustang debuted as a 1964.5 model it changed the automotive industry. The 50th anniversary of the car seems like the perfect time to update it to a model that will once again, completely change the game.

With Ford's new "One Ford" policy dictating global distribution of the majority of its products, the Mustang is going to Europe with the next redesign. That means it has to look like the other global products, meaning it has to sport the new nose that was first seen on the Evos concept.

The full gallery shows a rear-end styled like the current models but that may just be a trim piece used as a red-herring. As it is not very well camouflaged, that is what we are leaning towards.

Expect the new car to hit the showrooms in spring or summer of 2014 but here is where things get tricky. Some analysts expect it to debut as a 2015 model, but the Mustang faithful feel that it should debut as a 2014.5 model, with a brief run before the 2015 debuts. This is how the original car hit the marketplace and it is its golden anniversary after-all.

Perhaps a staggered debut with North America getting the 2014.5 model and then the rest of the world getting the 2015 model makes the most sense. Either way, a global model means there will be a four-cylinder, turbo engine. It may or may not wear the SVO badges from the 80s-turbo Mustang, that remains to be seen.

[Source: Motor Authority ]


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