Wilwood Introduces S197 Mustang Brake Upgrade Kit
Jul 9, 2012 - 8:15:35 AM

By Huw Evans

There's no question, that for road racing fans, the S197 Mustang is by far the most competent of the breed, being light years ahead of its predecessors in terms of chassis and suspension design. However, for many of us, while the factory provides a solid foundation, there's always room for improvement. Take the case of brakes.

Road racing can eat pads, rotors and fluid for breakfast, so it pays to have anchors that are up to the job. And for enthusiasts who love to pilot their S197 through the corners in anger, Wilwood has just released a 2005 and up Mustang front brake upgrade kit, designed to ensure better stopping performance and durability.

This bolt-on kit; incorporates Wilwood's heavy-duty Superlite forged billet four-piston front calipers that incorporate Thermlock pistons, plus a set of Spec 37, slotted and vented 12.9-inch diameter front rotors. A set of 15H PolyMatrix high temperature racing brake pads come standard, designed to help maximize braking performance (other pad options are available depending on specific racing requirements).

As is the case with Wilwood kits, besides the calipers, rotors and pads, you also get a full complement of necessary aluminum hats and mounting brackets, deisgned to make installation as painless as possible.

The new kit; is listed as part number 140-12508. In addition, to help complete the package, there's also steel braided flexline (part number 220-9111) to maximize durability, since rubber hoses are prone to flexing and failure under extended, hard use.

Like all Wilwood performance brake components, the 2005 and up Mustang kit has been manufactured using cutting-edge technology and subjected to extensive durability testing, building on years of the firm's experience in motorsport circles.

For more information on this new kit, click on the link below.

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