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  Ford Limits Boss 302 Production to Two Years As Promised

  Nov 8, 2012


By Nick Dasko

When the Boss 302 returned for 2012, Ford said it would be limiting production to just 2012 and 2013 with 8,000 cars being made during that time. They made good on that promise this week when they released the order guides for the 2014 model and the Boss 302 is nowhere in sight.

Along with killing off our favorite Mustang in a long, long, long time, Ford is also as such removing it's exclusive color, School Bus Yellow, from the order guides. High Performance White is also axed, as is Red Candy Metallic, with its tinted clearcoat.

Now this will likely keep Boss 302 values high for years to come. It also has us concerned that many of the cars will be locked up as "investments." These are race cars, they are meant to be driven in anger! The two-year model run had a styling update for 2013 which means those cars will likely be the rarest of them all.

There are still examples sitting on dealer lots across America. Snatch them up while you still can, and please drive them! Take them out every day! Let the Mustangs run. There is nothing sadder than a car that is rarely driven because it was bought as "an investment". That is except for a track munching machine like the Boss is garaged because it was such a purchase.

If people do this, yes, quite a few will get dented and, have their diffs eaten by hard-use. But Ford Racing sells replacement parts for a reason! A few may even get completely written-off, but at least that will happen on the track, the true home of the Boss 302 Mustang.

Head over to Autoguide for more.


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