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  Happy Thanksgiving Server Upgrade

  Nov 22, 2007
  By:  Eric Vandermey, AllFordMustangs.com

New Servers to the Rescue

As we celebrate this holiday and indulge in feasts galore, the staff here at AllFordMustangs would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

In recent weeks some of you may have noticed that AFM has been experiencing intermittent glitches, such as periodic poor response time and server busy messages. These glitches are due to our website servers inability to handle the increases in traffic and server demands from our rapidly growing Mustang community.

The good news is our technical staff are well aware of these issues and have been working hard to find a solution that will not only handle our immediate needs but one that can be easily expanded to handle our community's future needs.

By the end of this weekend, while most of us are celebrating the festive holiday with our families, AFM staff will be working to bring on line a new load sharing multi-server solution which will replace our current server environment. This new load sharing solution will allow various web services to be shared evenly among multiple servers. Thus, speeding up the site and eliminating the "server busy" errors.

So, do enjoy this holiday weekend, and please be patient with us while we upgrade the site.

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