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  Hillbank Motorsports Become Official Site Sponsor!

  Oct 8, 2006
  By:  AllFordMustangs.com

AllFordMustangs.com is pleased to announce Hillbank Motorsports, based in Irvine California, as our official site sponsor. Having been in the market a relatively short time, Hillbank Motorsports is probably one of the industries best kept secrets but that is all about to change. Through aggressive advertising and word of mouth promotion from its growing customer base, Hillbank is poised to become one of the dominant players in Ford aftermarket parts and retailer of specialty high performance vehicles.

Hillbank Motorsports credits its vision to owner and founder, Lance Stander who started the company with the determination to become the ultimate supplier of late model Ford parts by offering the best possible balance of quality, price and performance. As a 2nd generation auto enthusiast having worked in the automotive business all of his life, Lance understands the importance and value this brings to fellow Ford enthusiasts, and is banking he has the experience, knowledge and most importantly, the commitment to make it happen.


Having started Hillbank Motorsports just a few short years ago selling Roush parts, Lance quickly expanded the company’s product lines to include Shelby, Saleen and a host of other performance manufacturers including Paxton, Vortech, Magnaflow and American Racing. By working in conjunction with it’s sister company Superformance, Hillbank Motorsports has also managed to become the premier retailer of specialty high-end performance vehicles including the SPF MKIII, Shelby Daytona Coupe and SPF GT 40. The SPF MKIII and Shelby Daytona Coupe are built under license from Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. On any given day there is easily 14,000 plus horsepower sitting on their showroom floor.

Hillbank Motorsports Sales Director, Jason Cenora, credits much of the company’s rapid growth to their talented sales team for having what he refers to as “real world” knowledge and experience. The clear advantage is Hillbank customers get to base their buying decisions on accurate and reliable information, ensuring they make the right purchase for them. Jason emphasizes “Hillbank’s attention to customer service and experienced sales staff is why customers keep coming back, ensuring repeat business and satisfied customers as a key ingredient to their success.

And successful they are…. with fifteen full time employees already onboard, Hillbank Motorsports is once again expanding, and are now looking for more hard core enthusiasts to join their team.

With this latest expansion and upcoming media blitz, you are sure to see and hear much more from Hillbank Motorsports. In the upcoming you can expect to see them at car shows and racing events around the country. Be sure to check out their website at www.HillbankMotorsports.com for the latest and greatest in true blue Ford performance.


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