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  MCA "Split" 50TH Anniversary Mustang Show Drawing Criticism

  Apr 23, 2012


It's getting closer by the day and appears to be stirring almost as much talk as the upcoming 2015 Mustang itself. We are of course referring to the Mustang's 50th anniversary gatherings being planned by the MCA.

Given that April 17th 2014 marks the golden anniversary of Ford's original pony car, the Mustang Club of America believes having two big shows, one in the East and one in the West, makes more sense than having a single, large event at one location in the United States.

The two events, which are scheduled to take place over the April 17-20th weekend that year, are to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina (East) and Las Vegas, Nevada (West).

However, the idea is drawing a lot of criticism from Mustang fans; who believe it will dilute the car's birthday celebration, as well as compromise visitor and vendor attendance, since many will end up choosing one show over the other; resulting in less revenues, both for the show organizers at each event and also the vendors themselves. It will also result in splitting up groups of Mustangs fans, simply because of their geographical location.

Writing on the website Mustang News, longtime Mustang commentator and event organizer Sam Haymart calls the idea as giving "us two halves to the same baby." He also says the split will mean that some big players in the Mustang world, such as Ford Racing, Roush Performance and Shelby American will have "a stronger presence at one event than the other," meaning Mustang fans stand a real chance of missing out when it comes meeting their icons and seeing the latest wares from these companies.

Given the instrumental success of the 40th and 45th anniversary events in Charlotte and at Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama, do you think splitting the Mustang's 50th anniversary celebration is a good idea, or should the MCA re-consider it's two-show strategy? And; if you're already planning to attend one of these events which one are you choosing and why?

We're interested to hear your thoughts...

[Source: Mustang News]


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