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  Mustang Outsells Camaro in May

  Jun 3, 2012


By Huw Evans

It's official. Last month, our beloved Mustang outsold its archrival, the Chevrolet Camaro. If such momentum continues there's a good chance that the Ford's beloved pony car will outsell its Chevy rival for the year, the first time since 2009. Much of the demand in Ford pony car sales is being attributed to the 2013 re-design and a spate of new marketing campaigns, which has helped generate fresh interest in a car whose basic shape is now eight years old.

According to Ford Motor Company itself, Mustang sold 10,427 units in May, besting Camaro by 1,404 copies. Camaro sales, which have been higher overall since 2010, are beginning to trend downward; for year to date sales; Camaro demand is ahead of Mustang by some 2,200 units, the smallest number for quite some time.

Current economic conditions aren't usually favorable for pony car sales, which are often viewed as luxury purchases. Previous downturns in the economy, such as the recession in the early 1990s, witnessed pony car demand plummet; from over 209,000 Mustangs in 1989; just 79,280 were sold in 1992. A similar situation occurred recently where sales more than halved for 2009, to just to 46,420 units (demand has since recovered somewhat; for 2011, 68,650 Mustangs found owners).

Although it's only been a month or so since the 2013s really came on stream, it will be interesting to see if the re-fresh is able to sustain demand for Mustangs, at least until the 2015 model is ready. With rumors continuing to surface about what that car might or might not be, there's every chance the current generation could go out with a bang, especially as upcoming fuel economy standards will likely result in a car that's significantly different from the S197. If that proves to be the case, we might witness something similar to what happened in 1973. Back then, demand for the Ďbig' Mustangs jumped, by almost 10,000 units, especially as buyers got wind that the '73 model would be the "last" of convertibles.

Source: Ford Motor Company


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