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  New Advertising Plans for Ford Mustangs

  Jan 24, 2008
  By:  All Ford Mustangs News Desk

The Ford Motor company announced that they plan to customize their advertising campaigns for the new Ford Mustang as well as other vehicles. This is an attempt by Ford to try to appeal to consumers based on geographical preferences.

According to Fordís new Chief Marketing Executive, Jim Farley, "It has really gotten a lot of traction for us. We learned from that project that there's a lot of opportunity for us. We have to decentralize our marketing." Farley was previously employed as the head of Toyota Motor Corp.'s North American Lexus Division. He joined the Ford Motors team in November of 2007.

The new ad campaign is making use of the fact that certain vehicles simply do not do well in specific markets. Farley cited the fact that the Mustang and Edge ads perform very well in California, but ads for other cars produce dismal results. For example, the Ford Taurus ads just do not get the job done in this particular market.

Farley really hopes that regional focusing will improve Fordís lagging sales. With the introduction of the new 2008 Ford Mustang and the extra advertising they will receive as part of the new Knight Rider show, he may be right. He believes that Ford has made great strides when it comes to the quality of their vehicles and all that is really left is to get that message across to consumers.


The new release from the NHTSA should also help matters for Ford. The 2008 Ford Mustang has been declared one of the safest cars on the road, receiving five stars in all of its tests. This should help broaden the appeal country-wide and open up a new advertising demographic for Ford.

Farley added that, "I see my role in '08 as attacking a couple of specific issues -- and the highest priority is the favorable opinion and consideration gap that we have to make the connection with customers again and reawaken their interest in Ford.Ē

This combined approach already seems to be working in some markets for Ford. Demand has been incredibly high for the 2008 Mustang. Fans of the vehicle are also looking forward to the new 2010 model which has been glimpsed in Detroit. A major body change is expected and fans cannot wait to see what Ford has in store for them.

By injecting excitement back into a lagging brand, Ford may just be able to turn things around. Since the 2008 model was chosen as KITT in Knight Rider, as mentioned previously in this article, viewers of the show will constantly be exposed to the new car, broadening its appeal across the nation.

Beau Boeckmann, star of MTV's "Pimp My Ride" and the vice president of Southern California's Galpin Motors is glad to hear of the coming changes. He has seen a considerable change since the Edge vehicle began seeing more marketing focused on California. It is now one of the best selling vehicles on his lot. It remains to be seen if it will have the same effect for the new Ford Mustang.


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