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  Great Police Cruisers CHP Mustang and Mustang Interceptor

  Mar 11, 2009
  By:  All Ford Mustang News

1982 Ford Mustang CHP

For many years the Ford Crown Victoria served as the bread and butter police cruiser. With the Crown Vic on its last legs, police are relaying on more nimble and well equipped cruisers to get the job done.

Now patrolling the highways are a plethora of Hemi powered Dodge Chargers, Ford Expeditions and Chevy Tahoe’s. Ford has no plans to resurrect the Mustang Interceptor but in its days the muscle machine was a staple of many police departments across the country.


During the fuel crisis of the 1970’s when gas was rationed manufacturers, as today, were leaning towards the production of smaller more fuel efficient vehicles.  With many of the police “boats” becoming obsolete, expensive to run and rarely able to do better that 100 and change, many departments turned to the Mustang as a road warrior.

In 1982 Ford produced the CHP (California Highway Patrol) Mustang, which when fully loaded with police gear was still able to clock 0 -60 in 8.35 seconds. The Mustang could chase down a Porsche able to hit top speed of a little over 135mph.


2011 Mustang

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