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  Professional Products 1999-04 4.6L 2V Intake

  Feb 7, 2007
  By:  Professional Products

Our new Typhoon intake system for the 4.6L Ford Mustang is a really sensational manifold. Developed in conjunction with one of the leading Mustang specialists, this manifold has been chassis dyno proven to produce 21.5 more rear wheel hp than a stock manifold at 6,500 rpm. More torque from 4,000 rpm on up.

This manifold features a three piece design that allows easy access to the bottom and the middle of the plenum chamber along with the runners for those who want to do their own additional port and plenum fine tuning. The manifold is a bolt-in replacement for all 1999 to 2004 engines and uses the stock alternator and all other stock engine accessories. Can be used on 1996-98 engines if 1999 or later heads are used.

For additional 4.6L 2-V enhancements that will substantially improve the power and performance.

Professional Products 54060 - Polished
Professional Products 54061 - Satin


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