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  Mustang Man Roush Rolls Out 2011 Pony Plan

  Jan 31, 2010
  By:  All Ford Mustangs News Desk


Livonia, Mich. – Roush ... Roush. Name rings a bell, doesn’t it? Man, if you’re a Mustang fan, that name rings Big Ben bells every time someone mentions it. Jack Roush has cut a wide swath through all kinds of motorsport and specialized vehicle upgrading. You’ve got your Nascar and you’ve got your F150 pickups, but Roush Performance has always saved its best for Ford’s Mustang. Now the company has unveiled its plans for 2011.

Roush has put more than 16,000 massaged Mustangs on the road since Jack started tuning, and the company offers a graduated series of upgrades for each model year. In April, as soon as the first 2011 Mustang rolls off the assembly line, Roush will offer its Stage 1 and Stage 2 packages to discerning enthusiasts.

Starting with the base 5.0 GT — and its 412 horsepower, 390 ft-lb of torque and 25 miles per gallon — Stage 1 is essentially a dress package, with the Roush body kit and striping. Stage 2 adds a suspension/handling upgrade to the new suit.

If you looked closely at Roush's Stage 3 in 2010, you would surely have found the kitchen sink. Everything else is in there.

“The 2011 Roush Stage 1 and Stage 2 Mustangs will represent an incredible value by blending appearance and handling with an amazing base Ford engine package,” Roush said in a release. “I expect that the 2011 Stage 1 and Stage 2 Roush Mustangs could come close to matching the performance of some Roushcharged Mustangs we have offered in prior model years, which will make them extremely exciting to drive and at a reasonable starting price point.”

Roushcharging, of course, involves installation of Roush’s roots-style supercharger. Plans are already underway to adapt the blower to the 2011 lineup for powertrain models such as the Roush 427R. The company’s release says engineering team is already hard at work developing the 2011 model year Roushcharger and determining what modifications can be done to the 5.0-Liter engine. Roush 2011 model year powertrain vehicles, however, are not likely to be available until late summer.

The Roush 2010 427R Mustang used a Roushcharger to boost the horsepower to 435 and torque to 400 ft-lb.

“We have a history of increasing the horsepower on each model year 427R Mustang, and that should continue with the 2011 as well,” Roush said. “However, exactly what the horsepower and torque numbers will be is too early to tell at this point as the engineering teams are still working through a myriad of details on the new five-liter engine.”

For more information on the development and timing of the 2011 Roush Mustang lineup, click www.roushperformance.com.

— Ken Simmons

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