S197 Mustang
Evolution Performance 1000HP Street Legal Shelby GT500!
By All Ford Mustang News
Feb 26, 2009 - 4:17:00 PM

How do you make a production Mustang go seven seconds on the quarter mile? Bring your S197 Super Shelby GT500 to Evolution Performance in Pennsylvania and find out.

The team at Evolution is using a S197 Ford Mustang Super Shelby GT500 and hope to build it into a drag superstar in time for the next NMRA drag meet in Bradenton, Florida, early next month. Evolution Performance already built the first 2007 Shelby GT500 capable of an eight-second quarter mile but are raising the bar this season.

The key to shaving off an additional second is a custom twin-turbo package for the GT500’s V8 power plant. Evolution Performance’s new car will feature an all aluminum motor with CNC machined heads, custom turbocharger cams, two precision double ball bearing turbochargers and a host of other custom pieces. No dyno testing has been conducted but estimates pit the output of the new package at around the 1,000hp mark.

While big horsepower Mustangs are nothing new, what’s interesting is that the Evolution Performance drag package will be fully road-legal. The only changes needed for the street are set of 20in wheels and road-legal tires.

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