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  Superformance Brings Italian Beauty To Hillbank Motor Corp. With Perana Z-One

  Aug 6, 2010
  By:  All Ford Mustangs News Desk

No matter what your favorite vehicle is, you have to admit nothing gives off the glow of speed, power and sex appeal like an Italian-bodied car. Those Mediterranean designers can channel curves and capture road-hugging action like no one else. The Perana Performance Group wanted a piece of that action, and commissioned Zagato Design to create the Z-One for markets in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. But a chorus of demand coming from North America has been heard, and Hillbank Motor Corp. will act as USA Superformance dealer for the new coupe.


The Perana Z-One will be unveiled at this year’s “Concorso Italiano” on the Laguna Seca Golf Ranch in Monterey, Calif. Aug. 13. Nori Harada, head of Zagato Design, brought more than 90 years of deluxe individualized craftsmanship, to the project which called for Zagato’s trademark "Simple, Light and Aerodynamic" styling of the Perana Z-One.

Shown for the first time, as a concept, at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the Perana Z-One created a stir. Perana Performance Group was then invited to attend the premier European concourse event, the “Concorso d’ Elegaza” at Vila d’Este on the Como in Italy, where again; the Perana Z-One received much acclaim.

The Perana Z-One is defined by its particularly aggressive front and the sculpted sides that rise over the rear wheel arch. Uncomplicated flowing lines, wrapped around a chassis platform using lightweight construction methods, are designed with enthusiastic drivers in mind.

The iconic Perana Z-One was designed with the intention of returning to driving fundamentals, the company says. Driver skill and honest feedback by the Perana Z-One will test the performance capabilities of both participants in a world that makes it a unique and gripping Super Car experience. From the innovative tubular and box section chassis to the exciting interior styling, the Perana Z-One is a concentration of advanced design and engineering that synthesizes raw power, racing technology and design excellence to deliver the ultimate driver's car.


The Perana Z-One was designed to be powered by either the latest emission compliant “E-Rod” GM LS3 (436 hp) or the LS7 (505 hp) engine matched with a 6-speed transmission. A ZF limited slip differential makes up the exceptional drive train package. The Perana Z-One is a genuine 2-seater coupe that enjoys the benefits of 50/50 weight distribution allowing for exhilarating, balanced and predictable road manners.

The secret to the Perana Z-One's iconic performance is the near perfect combination of its supremely powerful engine, light weight design, balanced weight distribution and 6-speed performance transmission.

Although the Perana Z-One was only destined to be sold into Europe, the U.K. and the UAE, the surprisingly strong response from the U.S. convinced the group “to make a limited amount of 99 per annum available to the U.S. market,” said Perana Performance Group’s spokesman Jim Price. “Having had close ties to the Superformance Group for many years and knowing just how well they understand that market has led to this partnership.”


Inside there are Recaro seats, leather and Alcantara trim, HVAC air conditioner, double DIN head unit (radio/sat.nav.), power steering as well as electrically controlled windows, door locks and mirrors. Other than a brake upgrade, exterior color and interior trim choices, there are no other options required or offered.

“Priced around $100,000, the Perana Z-One is an exceptional package of power and performance for a Zagato-styled, hand built, vehicle that returns us to the purist racing traditions of the past -- a true driver’s car. Limited availability is sure to instantly turn this car into a highly desirable and valuable collectible,” said Superformance CEO Lance Stander.

For more information please call (949) 900-1960 direct e-mail inquiries to sales@hillbankusa.com visit our website at www.hillbankusa.com


Full Specs
General Data

Curb Weight -- 1195 kg (2631 lbs)
Weight Distribution -- Front: 50% -- Rear: 50%
Wheelbase -- 2540 mm (100")
Track -- Front: 1627 mm (64") -- Rear: 1570 mm (62")
Length -- 4406 mm (173.5")
Height -- 1233 mm (48.5")
Width -- 1924 mm (75.75")

Seating Capacity -- 2
Head Room -- 1005 mm (39.5")
Leg Room -- 1100 mm (43.3")
Seat Travel -- 210 mm (8.3")

Configuration -- V8, all aluminum
Displacement -- 6.2 liter (376 cu in.)
Power -- 442 hp
Torque -- 430 lb-ft
Max. rpm -- 6600 rpm
Fuel Delivery -- fuel injection. electronic, sequential port
Compression Ratio -- 10.7: 1

Drive train
Gearbox -- 6 speed manual (2.66:1 first gear, 0.63:1 sixth gear -- top speed at 5,500 rpm: 299 km/h, 186 mph)
Differential -- ZF Limited Slip

Perana / Zagato -- Front: 19 x 8.5J; -- Rear: 20 x 11J

Michelin PS2 -- Front: 245/40 ZR19; -- Rear: 305/35 ZR20

Layout -- front/mid engine, rear drive
Frame -- steel tube space frame
Body -- vinyl-ester composite
Brakes -- Front: 325 mm (12.8") 2-piston sliding calipers; -- Rear: 305 mm (12.0") 1-piston sliding calipers, vacuum assist
Steering -- ZF Power Assist
Suspension -- Front: Unequal Length A-arms, Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, Anti-roll bar; Rear: Unequal length A-arms, Eibach springs, Bilstein shocks, Anti-roll bar

Fuel Capacity -- 85 liter (22.5 gal)


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