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  Tragic Auto Accident Claims the Life of Megan Michelle Neufell.

  Nov 18, 2007
  By:  Eric Vandermey, AllFordMustangs.com

On behalf of the AllFordMustangs staff and family, we send our heartfelt condolences and prayers to our fellow member Paul Neufell, Jr. and his family.

Our hearts are heavy, and our sorrow is deep, for on November 12, 2007, Megan Michelle Neufell, the 18 year old daughter to Paul Neufell Jr. and step-daughter to Shannon Robins, was involved in an auto accident. Tragically, the auto accident was fatal to Megan, and on November 13, 2007 at 10:04, a precious life was taken from our earthly world and called home to heaven.

Megan is survived by her loving father and best friend, Paul Neufell Jr., her step mother, Shannon Robins, her mother Valeria Jones, her step father John Jones and her two younger sisters, Christina and Samantha Neufell.

Megan is more than just a young lady, for she is daughter, a sister, a friend, and an angel. Megan excelled in school with high grades, where she was a senior at Cannon County High School. Megan aspired to go to Middle State Tennessee University, get her masters in mathematics and give back to her community by serving as an invaluable math teacher; to teach the next generation her skills.

Megan is a fabulous young lady who enjoyed life and everything life had to offer, for Megan was beautiful, popular, loving caring, compassionate, and very well loved. Megan's little pleasures included going to the local lake, watching movies, attending parties and hanging out with her many friends. Megan enjoyed the simple things in life as well, for Megan was just as comfortable working on her truck as she was helping in the kitchen with dinner or around the house with chores. There was little that Megan would not do to help a family member or friend out.

A day without Megan is a day without sunshine. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow, for there is no worse torture for a parent than to out live their beloved child. As parents, we acknowledge that our children are gifts from heaven, so we give our children the world and have high hopes for their success. Then when we loose one of our precious gifts, we are devastated beyond all comprehension. However, in the midst of such sorrow, we can smile, even if it is brief, for knowing that the world as we know it is a better place because God gave us Megan.

Megan may be gone from this earthly world, but she shall live forever in the hearts of her family, friends, and her AFM family. We ask that you do not despair the loss of a life so precious, but celebrate how that precious life has brought joy to the ones who loved Megan so dearly. Megan you are forever loved and remembered.

To those who would like to pass along their personal condolences and prayers to Paul and his family, you may do so here.

AFM Staff and Family.


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