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2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech Forum

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Unread 06-05-2010   #16 (permalink)
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Default 2005 auto shift indicator repair.

it was on my sons car,sorry no pics.the best way i can describe it is ,the indicator is on the plastic that slides when you move the shifter. with the car turned on but not started move the shift lever to low gear, this should be open now, the plastic slider is stuck and needs pulled out toward the shift handle to close up the gap.when you pull it toward the shifter you can see the red indicator move towards low gear.i just drilled a very tiny hole centered with shift handle about 1/4 from the edge of slider and used smallest tie wrap i could find around slider and plastic bezel on shifter and looped itpulled it tight to pull slider flush to bezel and cut excess off end of tie wrap.i used a drill bit that was less than 1/8'"so u can barely see the fix hope this helps
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Unread 02-08-2011   #17 (permalink)
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Default My 2005 GT Automatic Shift Indicator Is Broken Too

I called the dealer and that plastic part which moves the orange indicator and covers the guts is not sold seperately. I was told the whole console has to be ordered to get that part. I have since considered going with an after market shifter, but I wanted to keep it original, if possible.
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Unread 02-08-2011   #18 (permalink)
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I'm having the same issues with mine. My car is a 1/05 build date, one of the early S197s. The local Ford dealer told me that the part number for my car has been superceded no less than three times, so apparently this is a known defect. Ford will give me no more than a 12,000 mile warranty on a new one, so I'm going to take my chances with a Streetfighter, for about the same price.

I've ordered it from a local shop, but apparently it's on back order. Now I'm finding out that more than a few people have had problems with these, too. I'm not sure which is the lesser of the evils. If the Ford one sucks so bad, I guess I'd rather have a POS Ratchet shifter than a POS Stock shifter.

I'll share my experiences, when I finally have some resolution to the problem.
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Unread 02-27-2011   #19 (permalink)
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Default 2005 Mustang Automatic Gear Shift Indicator work-around

My son's 2005 Mustang had the same problem. The cheap plastic shifter cover also acts as the gear shift indicator. To fix it properly, you will need to replace the entire shifter assembly (min $300 for the part). As my son's car failed safety inspection here in VA because of this, I found a work-around that is similar to an earlier post.

I drilled a small hole in the plastic cover in front of the shifter (~1/4 inch in from the center edge) and attached a black wire with a loop on the end. I then attached that looped wire to the plastic piece with a small black screw (self threading). I did the same to the plastic piece in BACK of the shifter lever. I attached the black wire from the front screw going around the shifter to the back screw. I also wrapped the wire around the shifter a couple of times before making the loop on the back side. This basically attaches the front plastic piece to the back portion. The wire I used was fabricated from black fishing leaders. One end already had a loop while for the other end, I had to make a loop by using small metal tube (small metal sleeve) that I used to crimp the wire to make the back loop. Now the plastic piece in front and back move with the shifter. While not factory, it does not look bad.

I took the car in for re-inspection for the gear shift indicator and it passed with this setup.

Hope this helps.
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Unread 12-03-2012   #20 (permalink)
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As they say misery loves company and I too have this exact issue. I have had no issues driving my car with this broke. Since I don't eat or drink in my car it's unlikely anything will get in the opening. But I carry a small flashlight and needle nose plyers just in case. Way too expensive to replace so as long as it works I'm leaving it alone.
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Unread 12-04-2012   #21 (permalink)
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Well this thread inspired me. Last night when I got him I ripped out the whole center console. Which is very easy. And took my shifter out and into the house. Thinking glue or any other adhesive would adventually fail I opted for a sewing needle and black thread. Right where it separated I heated the needle hot enough to melt holes in the rubber close to the edge of where it separated than I began to sew the parts back together. Tightened everything up put it all back together and now it works like a charm. You can't notice it unless your stareing directly at it. And everything is back in operating order.
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Unread 06-03-2013   #22 (permalink)
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Just acquired this gem of a problem last night randomly. The plastic shield cover thing that runs with the shifter gets jammed up and won't let me go into park. Could someone maybe put some pics up cuz Im struggling with seeing this fix y'all are doing. Thanks!!
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*Pypes O/R H-pipe next to headers. Add another few HP plus great sound to the house.
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Unread 12-29-2013   #23 (permalink)
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Default 06 ragtop

Originally Posted by blk281gt View Post
Here are some pics, i am quite familiar with these shifters,lol! the red indicator is just attached to the black strap that goes around the handle. It probably broke apart and once you get it apart you should be able to repair. Let me know if you need instructions and i will send you some.
I haven't taken the console apart yet but it looks like I'll need to buy a new strap since the old one is creased and may not move freely in the track any more and no way to reconnect it to the shift handle assy. Does anyone know if I can just buy the strap and indicator? So far all I've found is a complete assembly. If you know of a resource for the strap, please let me know. The wife really hates having her baby looking less than perfect.

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