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moechan 04-11-2005 04:47 PM

I've gotten sideways by getting on the gas a little too hard going around a corner in the rain, but I was able to correct myself and it just turned into a "fish-tail". I didn't hit anything and it was kinda fun. Good thing nobody was next to me because I did slide into the next lane. And yes that was with Traction control On.

STONECOLD 04-11-2005 06:01 PM

i could be wrong here but it sounds to me like a lot of you just arent used to driving high horse power cars. im not trying to be offensive.

my current car puts down about 320-340 (at the crank) i use summer tires and dont have a traction control option in my car. ive yet to spin out in the rain unless i intentionally did it. and ive driven in all kinds of wet weather with maybe the exception of heavy snow.

the very best thing you can do in wet weather is to be VERY light on the throttle/gas.
it really is that simple. and if need be start off in a higher gear if you can. eventually youll learn where that point of spin is.

ive owned nothing but v8's so maybe that taught me a little early about respecting its power and tendancy to be unforgiving in bad weather.

Doug 04-11-2005 08:15 PM

Next time it rains you might find an empty parking lot and trysome stuff. It should be pretty easy to figure out because TC keeps it straight while taking off. Try a sweeping turn and jump on it too. If nothing else you might learn what to expect next time.

sam_abuelsamid 04-11-2005 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by Snipe6ib
If this did have something to do with the Traction Control and not just the roads, how would I go about addressing it to the dealer as well as the manufacturer? Cause know they wont want to hear a word about it.

First, are you sure the tc disable light wasn't on? If a fault was detected with any part of the tc system it could be disabled, and the disable light should have been on solid. If a fault was detected it would be stored in the non volatile ram of the abs/tc ecu. The dealer can read out this fault code and diagnose the faulty component. If there are no fault codes, and the tc was in fact enabled, it probably shouldn't have behaved the way you described based on the conditions you mention even if there was oil on the ground. The mustang is tuned to allow some wheel slip to allow for optimum performance while maintaining stability.

These things are tested on huge sheets of ice and snow and numerous other surfaces and it shouldn't allow that much loss of control if the system was active. If the dealer finds a fault code I would be interested to know what they find.

SportsPix 04-11-2005 09:03 PM

Bad driving was the cause. The GT is a fine handler wet or dry, your last car must have been front wheel drive, go easy on the gas in the wet with your pony.

unixgolf 04-12-2005 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by SportsPix
Bad driving was the cause. The GT is a fine handler wet or dry, your last car must have been front wheel drive, go easy on the gas in the wet with your pony.

I do not own a Mustang but I'm a real fan. (I own an a4 1.8TQ : dont' judge me)
Here is what I think.
TC: Traction control is usefull when the wheels spin forward or backward.
ESP: Electronic stability program helps prevent movement of the wheel "sideways" in applying the breaks accordingly. Now when you spin as you did, it gives the wheels sideway movement therefore the TC don't know about that, unless you break or push the gaz then it'll help.

It is one of the reason why , I'm waiting to see if ever the Stang will get ESP someday. 'm so use to it now...

kj_cinci 04-12-2005 10:33 AM

I have been playing a bit with the 05 and it is quite stable but when it goes it goes! If you get the rear +30 degrees past the line of travel only a counteract manuever will save it from spinning outa control.

Because of the weather in Finland I had to learn winter driving to get my license. My instructor was quite impressed, little did he know my first car was a $100 (baby blue with lotsa rust) Russian Lada that I got when I was 12 to 'race' on the ice in the winters which is legal.

I also took BMW's M3 course in Germany (had a -90) and later here in the States (a -03.)

Reduce the throttle, on snow or ice or if hydro planing getting it in neutral with the clutch might be required. Steer with the slide for maybe a sec, slowly bring the wheels over against the slide, you'll feel when it's 'starting to get the idea' you want to go the other way. Start adding power when you think all (front, rear and the lights) are somewhat in the direction you might wanna go. From here small adjustments to not end up going the wrong way again, or the oposite with a return-slide...

Just my .02 Euro Cents. Seriously though, you should not get into a rim bustin slide at 30 on wet surface! You most have done something wrong, if it goes sideways you did it with the steering wheel with help from the right pedal, then probably made it worse with the middle pedal.

It is a 300 HP rear wheel drive car with a stiff rear axle and 'wide' for looks and straight fwd traction tires compromized for ALL weather driving guys!

d6_05GT 04-12-2005 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by loudog
I've driven mine in a fair amount of rain (since SoCal has received over 35 inches of rain so far this year), and haven't had any significant issue - except when I intentionally punch it to see how much it'll take to spin the wheels when the asphalt is wet, and to see how the traction control handles it.

I was rather impressed with how good the TC worked. I have to think you have a TC problem going on.

I have to agree with loudog. It is damn near impossible to spin the wheels at all with TC on.

unixgolf 04-12-2005 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by d6_05GT
I have to agree with loudog. It is damn near impossible to spin the wheels at all with TC on.

Agreed, but slide is a different matter.

jibboo 04-12-2005 02:41 PM

My impression is the 05 GT is pretty competent in rain ... the only time I have any issue is on turns if you give it too much gas (of course ... its usually like that in dry weather also LOL).

Personally, I'm pretty happy with the handling of the 05 GT vs my older 5.0. Snow is a completely different story IMO ... but in rain its all right. As others have said previously, you just have to be aware that this car does have 300 horses at the rear wheels ... so its a good idea to not push the car in the rain (just my recommendation of course).

As per the traction control ... I can spin the tires a little until the TCS kicks in ... I can also chirp 2nd with TCS ... so, it does work, but it takes a sec or so to kick in sometimes.

First day I got my stang ... it snowed on the way back from Jersey and I have a very steep driveway ... anyways there was about 1/2 an inch or so of snow covering my steep driveway and the TCS allowed me to make it up with now trouble (I was dumbfounded ... our Caravan always has trouble getting up with any snow cover).

So, I think the TCS is pretty effective ... of course I usually only leave it on if its raining ... and I'm mostly convinced that I won't be taking the mustang out if it snows again (the rear end did get loose on me doing normal driving w/ TCS in the snow ... at least enough to make me nervous).

Snipe6ib 04-12-2005 05:22 PM

Oh say it aint so

Tire, wheel, Valve, Axel it all got ruined. There goes all my planned modifications. OH my baby.

unixgolf 04-12-2005 07:09 PM


Originally Posted by Snipe6ib

Tire, wheel, Valve, Axel it all got ruined. There goes all my planned modifications. OH my baby.

Your're not alone,

I ran into a Jeep lIberty @ 5-10km , he had stopped and I thought he'd start turning right but no he was Stopped. So on mixture of ice and snow, even our fantastic audi's don't stop ... ESP ABS Quattro ... forget it ... bang

I had 2 Xenon's broken (Socket and all are 1200$CAN/each)
The hood had to be replaced, some piece in front of the radiator had to be replaced + repaint. And I ended up renting a Ford Escape for 3 days which is really nice.

Waxed'05 GT 04-13-2005 08:55 AM

"All weather tires" <-- what a joke!:scream: I understand they are listed as "all weather", but the fact of the matter is sport tires that are Z rated are NOT aquatred. They are definately better than slicks in the rain, I'll give you that much. My last car was a '97 Cobra and TC was not even offered, I also drove it year round (snow and all) It did get loose on me once while merging onto express way. I went under a bridge (where it was dry) and as soon as I got past bridge tires started spinnin and I fished tailed back and forth a couple of times in front of an oncoming semi truck. (My heart just about jumped out of my chest as I regained control) However, with TC just understand that it "helps" but does not completely solve the prob, just like ABS.

-My two cents...:shrug

wldchic 04-13-2005 10:44 AM

Compared to some of the other Mustangs I've had, the 05 actualy drives great in the rain. I have not noticed any problems......It never hurts to mention it to the dealer though..........

Crazy001 04-13-2005 12:41 PM

I'm very sorry to hear about your stang,:shocked: that sucks any way you look at it. If you don't mind me asking, do you have any pictures?

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