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Unread 06-09-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default 2000 Mustang GT Fuel Pump replacement

Well my fuel pump is on it last legs and am gogin to replace it with a new Steeda Pump. (Prolly gonna do the injectors while im at it too)

Has anyone seen out there a FAQ on how to do the replacement?
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A quick search right here on AFM would have given you this:

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Under Reconstruction for RS275 Drag Radial Class
Pushrods and Powerglide Coming Soon

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i also wrote a guide when i did my procharger install. and i would leave the injectors alone:

Fuel pump and the fuel filter were next.

-These were also pretty straight forward. Now that I think of it, nothing was really "difficult" it just took patience and time really.

-For the fuel pump you have to drop the fuel tank down. To do this remove the fuel lines attached to the tank itself. They are just held on by clamps. Two on the front and two on each side of the tank. Then remove the 3 bolts that are around the gas cap. From here go ahead and jack a jack up to support the tank while you unbolt the straps supporting the fuel tank. The tank might not want to drop right away because it a) might be stuck, b) might be stuck on the exhaust, or c) might be clinging on to this putty that for some reason is stuck to the tank and bottom of the car.

-Once everything is loose slowly lower the tank and make sure nothing is getting stuck.

-The top of my tank was a bit dirty and I was afraid of getting junk in the fuel tank so I vacuumed the top of the tank until it was clean. There are about 8 bolts holding the over on the top of the fuel tank. Unbolt them.

-The top of the fuel basket is held on by about 6 VERY VERY small screws. CAREFULLY unscrew them and make sure they do not fall in the tank. After this remove the top of the basket and take out the fuel pump.

-Repeat all of this in reverse order when putting the new fuel pump in.

-Once everything was bolted back up I went ahead and changed the fuel filter. This was a bit frustrating. MAKE SURE YOU WEAR SAFTEY GOGGLES!!!! Thankfully I did and fuel spilt all over my face but I ended up being alright. You can wash gas off of your skin but it can permanently damage your eyes. You need a special Ford fuel line puller that you can get at any auto parts store. Mine was like 8 bucks.
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I forget actual specs atm but say if specs are 38-42psi of fuel pressure at rail is spec and I'm at 38,39psi. Is my pump starting to go bad? I would to do some pressure lost checks and what not before condemning anything and replacing
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