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as far as your metal tabs im not sure if they are functional or not or even necessary to be there but there is a "sock" on the bottom of ur fuel pump that screens out junk in the tank so ur fuel pump wont pick them up and as they are in refined oil lol they wont rust either... so no woriries there but all u ppl lookin to change that part be careful take it from a guy who has quite literally blown up before due to an empty gas tank exploding in his face... and oh ya it was a 32 gallon tank too........ THE FUMES EXPLODE NOT THE GAS SO I RECCOMMEND U LEAVE THE GAS IN THE TANK IF U ARE GONNA BE ANYWHERE NEAR IT WITH ANYTHING THAT CREATES SPARK FOR WHATEVER REASON.... sorry bout the caps trust ME the pain hurts real bad and the rotted steel that gets shot into ur eyes aint all that great either....

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I just completed this job today with the help of a friend, and it was fairly easy except the getting the filler tube out and back in part. On my 2000 GT, the tube was so rusted out at the bottom that I was able to bend it by hand which helped get it out, but the plastic tip still broke off in the tank on my last pull. Then getting the new one in was a b*$%# as well, but loosening the tank straps helped so I could move the tank about a quarter inch to slide the new pipe in.

I checked at the dealership and the pipe assembly (part # 3R3Z-9034-AA) was almost $200 from them! The seal (# 2R3Z-9072-AA) was then $25. But I found the assembly on ebay thru Tasca Ford and then called them about the seal, I got the assembly for 91 and the seal for 13 and shipping for 14 bucks! Check them out online also: www.tascafordparts.com

Oh, and I didn't see the need to remove the RR wheel, but if you could lower your tailpipe, that would give you more room to maneuver under there. Then again laying on the ground trying to do all this wasn't the best, so if you can hoist the car, I'd suggest that.

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another question

Hey guys i think the tabs the other guy was talking about may have come off of a plastic assy at the end of the filler tube. I have a 2001 3.8 conv, and on mine this assy broke off and fell into the tank, it looked like it was holding a spring and a float(checkvalve?) in place. My question is if i leave the parts out will they affect performance and/or emission controls on my car, IOW what do these parts do?
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The cone on the end is an anti syphon tube I believe.

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I just replaced the seal today. Thanks for the posts. Really helped. Had to have 2 people to get that out of there. stubborn little b@stard. And as previous posts said, the anti siphon screen broke off into the tank but oh well. I guess I'll just use my colt 45 as my anti siphon aparatus. Went ahead and replaced the fuel filter while i was at it too. All in all 2 hr job but I'm slow.
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The plastic valve and spring attached to the end of the filler tube is a "roll over valve" designed to keep the gas IN the tank when you flip her in the ditch at night to limit your hospital stay to the ER and not the burn unit......
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i did it this morning. i can't believe how easy it was. took me about an hour. i did have to drop the tank to get the filler tube out. mustang seems to run better. my seal was ripped 1/2 way around it.
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Sorry for reopening an old post. The wife's 2001 coupe has the same issue as the OP, real strong fuel smell. Driving home last night had someone pull up yelling about there is fuel coming out from under the bumper. Car has popped two codes PO455 & PO457, I replaced the gas cap and no change. Looked under car tonight to see the gasket as seen in the image. Turned the car on to see any leaking and the only leaking was directly out of the exhaust....not on top, inside the pipe? I'm going to replace the fuel filler tube gasket on tuesday when it comes in but if there is indeed fuel coming out of exhaust this concerns me. Anyone have any thought on this? Thanks in advance.
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Yep I changed mine too. It's definitely your filler neck seal. Use this sticky.

Gas Tank Leaking?? How to Drop your Fuel Tank / Replace the Filler Neck Gasket

Great write up.
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Should have read to the end of the post....nothing to add.
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Let me add that it is quicker to drop the tank than to try to fish it out with the tank in place. I watched a youtube video where the guy said it was a timesaver to leave the tank. It wasn't

It took less than 5 minutes to drop the tank. 2 bolts with a 1x4 on top of a small floor jack dropped the tank easily. I fished the neck out, replaced the gasket and reassembled. If I would have dropped the tank to begin with, it would have taken less than an hour.

I had run the tank down to E, so there wasn't much gas in it.

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I had a similar problem with my 2001 GT Convertible a few years ago . It started with me noticing that the MPG was dropping and a few weeks later noticing fuel leaking. This appears to be a Ford design and MFG issue with part of my tube rusting . I was able to find the replacement part much cheaper than the 200 my dealer wanted. At the time it was around $119 or so from Amazon, a few Ford dealers around the country . think I went through this place for the part. I am pretty lucky in that my local tire chain mgr and mechanics are Mustang enthusiasts and give me great prices on getting my car serviced. Pretty much whatever that was known to go bad with the 2001 GT vert has been replaced and the car is basically my weekend enjoyment of life.

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From what I learned, there was an issue with some cars and road salt corrosion on exposed metal.

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