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  1. Benfordtools
    12-17-2014 - permalink
    I may not be doing the message board properly, so please excuse me.
    Thank you for your reply to my muffler/resonator problem. As much as anything I am looking for more sound and of course would like to eliminate the drone problem as much as possible. The Flowmaster 40's are just too quiet. I don't think my muffler shop will let me do as you ask. The point is his muffler prices are very high and I don't want to purchase from him if at all possible. I purchased the Flowmaster 40 clones at about 60% of the original Flowmaster price. Just for sound I was thinking of purchasing the single chamber Flowmaster 10 clones which will be much louder. However, after talking with you I am now considering a cheap resonator muffler $40-$50 EACH verses $40 for the Flowmaster clones for the PAIR hoping I will get sound and less drone.
    Here is where I would like your opinion. Is it worth the extra cost (more than double) to purchase the resonators which will probably be louder than the 10's (correct?) and will they probably give me less drone? BASICALLY IS IT WORTH THE EXTRA COST? I know the Allied resonators will be at least twice or more the cost of the cheap resonators at the muffler shop. I know what I will be getting superior quality with the Allied units, however I have a wife who remembers the $60,000 I spent on a '55 Chevy years ago. No more she says ... she says it never ends, and she is probably right and she is drawing the line this time.
    Again, thanks for all your supreme tech help. Really appreciate it!!
  2. Benfordtools
    12-17-2014 - permalink
    Thank you for your comments as to my "Muffler Change." I have a question for you. I cannot specifically find an "Allied Resonator Muffler" on the Internet. Is there a special model number? I am wondering if most any resonator will eliminate the drone of the other chambered type or other type mufflers. As I stated in my notations, I have Flowmaster 40's and they are not loud enough and have that terrible drone which I want to eliminate. I was thinking of replacing them with cloned Flowmaster single chamber 10's from the internet which are direct copies and are very inexpensive, but then again I will get the same drone. Ebay offers resonator mufflers at reasonable prices which are probably clones or copies of brand names which I am considering unless I can find a reasonably priced Allied brand that you recommend.
    Can you help? You can contact me direct at [email protected]

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