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Jay H 237

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    Real Name
    Jason Hartmann
    State or Province
    United States  
    cars, model trains
    My Dream Mustang
    1969 convertible followed by a 1969 Sportsroof base model
    About Me
    How'd I get into this and why am I here?

    Went looking for a classic car to work on and take to shows in 1997. Wanted something popular and easy to get parts for, basically a Camaro, Firebird or Mustang. I'm not overly biased, as I have my likes among GM, Ford, Chrysler and AMC. They all made some great cars...........and some lousy ones. Looked at several cars but didn't find one that really interested me, was out of my price range, or beyond my ability for the work it needed.

    Fast forward a few months to early 1998. My father worked with a guy that had a 68 Mustang coupe. He just found a fastback that interested him more than the coupe he has had for the last 4 years. His wife wouldn't allow him to buy the fastback until he got rid of the coupe. He told my father who mentioned it was something that I may be interested in. To make a long story short, I took home my first classic car, a 1968 Acapulco Blue Mustang coupe on March 17, 1998. This is the same car I have to this day over 9 years later.

    I didn't know much about working on cars, even Mustang's at that point, but needed to learn if I was to keep this car as it would get expensive real fast if I had to have someone else work on it all the time! I didn't have the internet at the time I got the car so all the help I got was thru people from the cruises around my area. I can't thank them enough!!! Now that I have the internet and belong to a few Mustang forums (only active on 2-3 now) I try to help others and still learn new things.

    If I never got any help when I first started out with my car I probably would have gotten frustrated and have gotten rid of it long ago. I'd hate to see that happen to someone and that's why I'm here to help where I can.

    I got curious with my car as to how original it was and have bought many books over the past several years and taken notes from some of the forums as to these cars. I try to give people info on codes and parts when I can. Sometimes it can help to piece the history of your car together and what it's been through or just to find out what the car was like originally.

    Yes, I do have a Chevy project car too. I saved my old everyday driver 1987 Caprice Classic wagon as the dealer didn't even want it as trade when I bought a newer car. They would give me $100 for it if I was desparate to get rid of it or they told me to donate it for a tax write off. It's worth more than that to me so I drove it off the lot and back home!

    Mustang Rides
    1968 Mustang coupe, Acapulco Blue, black standard interior.

    289 2v, C4, 2.79:1, power steering, AM radio, deluxe seatbelts.

    Has aftermarket dual exhaust, factory clock added and converted to quartz, AM radio converted internally to FM.

  • Date of Birth
    June 30, 1976 (38)

    •     Signature
      1968 Mustang coupe, Acapulco Blue, 289 2v, C-4, Power Steering.
      Hopefully a 1969 convertible or Sportsroof (non Mach or Boss) for next Mustang project

      Trying to find my father's 1973 Mustang Grande he bought brand new. 3F04F126773 last known registration and title was in New Jersey, 1982.

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    1. maud81
      07-25-2010 - permalink
      Jay this is good looking little 68 coupe. Keep it looking good.
    2. white angel
      06-30-2009 - permalink
      white angel
    3. myltlpny
      12-31-2008 - permalink
      Happy New Year, Bud.:celebration:
      I'll have to send you some pictures of my new Rapido Turbotrain set. Waaaaay cool!
    4. ModsStang
      08-07-2007 - permalink
      Hi Jason!

      Thanks so much for the comments! I live in Rutherford and work in Nutley! Great meeting another native Jerseyan.

      I see you are in CT now.... I had an Aunt in Danbury - what a cute house she had....

      Have a great day and whenever you want some of our traffic and smog, let me know


    5. myltlpny
      04-18-2007 - permalink
      Nice profile page. I'm a train nut myself.


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