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tached_out is on a distinguished road
5.0L Member
S197 Member

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Last Activity: 01-30-2011
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About Me

  • Member Info

    Real Name
    Mr Go Fast
    Clovis, Ca
    State or Province
    United States  
    Salt Water Fish and MMA
    Pet Peeves
    People who drive fast in hondas
    Favorite Saying
    I'd rather die on my feet then Live on my knees
    My Dream Mustang
    1967 Shelby GT500 "Eleanor"
    About Me
    I am in the Navy and I have the best group of friends. Other then the ones that drive LS Turds :) but I like those guys to.

    I love racing it is in my blood and I love fighting as well. Both of those two are the biggest rush in the world. I only fight for sport though not for aggression.

    Other then that I like to voice my opinion and I do not know every thing but I know what works

    Mustang Rides
    Mod List

    Cervini's C-Series Body Kit
    Foose 20" Ascot Wheels

    Procharger P1SC Stage II at 9.5 PSI
    Procharger Race Bi-Pass/Surge Valve
    making 544.7 rwhp and 477.8lb-ft
    Extreme Performance HT Spark Plugs
    MMR 5.0 Stroker Block
    MMR Race Oil Pan
    MMR Stage II Ported Heads w/SS valves and springs/Gaskets/Head Studs
    Kooks LT's w/Catted X-Pipe

    Fuel Sytem and Tuning
    60lb Injectors
    Ford GT40 Dual Pump kit
    SCT Tuner Cal 2
    SCT BA-5000 Mustang Big Air Slot Style MAF Meter

    RBT700 Clutch
    Fidanza Alum Flywheel
    MGW Short Throw Shifter
    Strange 3.90 Gears

    BMR Upper Control Arm Mount
    BMR Tubular Radiator Support
    BMR Street LCA
    BMR Xtreme Anti-Roll Bar
    BMR Adjustable Upper Control Arm w/poly bushing BMR HD Boxed Subframe Connector
    BMR Control Arm Relocation Bracket
    BMR Lowering Springs

    Engine Dress Up
    Pi-Thon Hose Lock Vacuum/cooling
    Pi-Thon Hose Lock Power Steering Return
    Pi-Thon Hose Lock PCV
    Pi-Thon Hose Lock Power steering
    Pi-Thon Hose Lock Thermostat to intake
    Pi-Thon Hose Lock Thermostat to lower Radiator
    Pi-Thon Hose Lock Upper Radiator
    Pi-Thon Brake Fluid Reservoir billet cap
    Pi-Thon Coolant Reservoir billet cap
    Pi-Thon Engine Oil billet cap
    Pi-Thon Power Steering billet cap

    Interior Dress Up
    CDC Gauge Pod
    Innovation Wideband AFR w/LC1 Kit
    Stewart Warner Oil Pressue and Boost Gauge

    Next Mods

    Complete Custom Paint Job
    15lb Pulley
    In hopes to reach over 630 rwhp with a street legal car
  • Engine type and displacement
    MMR 5.0 Stroker
    Tranny type
    Street Radials

    Date of Birth
    April 14, 1984 (30)

    •     Signature
      5.0 Stroker Built and Blown
      Check out my build thread in 2005+ Talk

    Profile Comments

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    1. Preston951
      11-17-2009 - permalink
      Where have you been, tached_out??? We haven't heard from you for almost half a year.

    2. white angel
      04-14-2009 - permalink
      white angel
      To You To You To You! :celebration:
    3. pcfrisch
      04-14-2009 - permalink
      Have a Happy Birthday!
      When is that car going to be finished?
    4. white angel
      12-24-2008 - permalink
      white angel
      Have a Merry Christmas!
    5. FPEEK07GT
      09-10-2008 - permalink
      whats goin on buddy. long time no talk
    6. gphasagt
      04-06-2008 - permalink
      dude, how did you change your username? are wizard *Borat voice*
    7. RetroGT2006
      03-27-2008 - permalink
      Oh also, on a procharger, how do you up/lower the boost? is it still done with a pulley swap? or can you do it electronically like a turbo?? (i figure its still a pulley swap due to its still belt driven..)
    8. RetroGT2006
      03-27-2008 - permalink
      How much does the Procharger P1SC Stage II kit cost?? their website doesnt list curious because i have some money coming my way from my 2nd job that i think im going to throw at a hellion turbo, the P1SC procharger.. PM me back or something tact_out.. thanks bro
    9. RetroGT2006
      02-15-2008 - permalink
      Thanks bro, ill be checking into this.. i was asking GT speeder13 before too, because i kno he bought CHE Upper/Lower Control Arms.. and he runs at my track.. he runs a 13.2.. but hes got a stick.. that makes a lil diff.. plus he's got o/r x.. but im just not very knowledable about the whole suspension work area.. But thanks for the info, im going to check into those and possibly order those now, if not- then in a week or two.
    10. RetroGT2006
      02-15-2008 - permalink
      Bro, just curious- Youve prob seen the list im ordering, what do you think the FRPP 3.73 Gears will lower my ET down to? from 13.710 to what? any idea? im real curious so i know what to expect at the track when its all done.. and no longer doing the UDP's, looking into Upper/Lower Control Arms.. any suggestions/types.. what should i look for? THanks in advanced- i know your pretty damn knowledgeable about our cars..

      -Rob aka RetroGT2006


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    • Last Activity: 01-30-2011
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    Engine type and displacement
    MMR 5.0 Stroker
    Tranny type
    Street Radials

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