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About Me

  • Member Info

    Nick Name
    Beast mode
    Real Name
    Mike Becker
    City Brewery/ One Stop Mustang Shop
    La Crosse
    State or Province
    United States  
    Boxing, Football, Street Racing, Car Shows and more
    Pet Peeves
    cars that are falling apart
    Favorite Saying
    I run these here STREETS ha ha ha
    My Dream Mustang
    Old school 67 Eleanor
    About Me
    Im 27 and Love Mustangs and working On them....I love the beach and grilling out also playing football with the fellas, I am an easy going guy. I use to be a GG Boxer also K1 became 3 time state champ.
    I was married and divorced and Love the outdoors MOSTLY when it is a Great Sunny day, I love going out and hanging with the guys and cruising the streets during the day and night...I also love long interstate runs against others....BUT gotta be careful.

    Mustang Rides
    I own a 2008 monster hahaha gt mustang

    Has a lil bit of an Eleanor look and a mix of my own. I love stangs and respect many others rides.

    My car has a lot of secrets.....yes fast.
  • Timeslips Mustang Ride
    2008 Mustang GT
    Engine type and displacement
    4.6 Modified
    Major modifications
    Bama Tune, 4:10 gears, Bassani Exhaust, Airad CAI, Soon Twin Turbo
    Tranny type
    Drag Radials
    Race weight
    Track Name
    West Salem Drag, La Crosse Speedway
    Link to Timeslip

    •     Signature
      2008 GT Underestimated MONSTER!!!

      4:10 Gears, Bama Tuner, Accufab Throttle body, Bassani Exhaust....More secrets as well and Soon to be Twin Turbo!!!

      I like chinese food...To bad my car does too

    Profile Comments

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    1. kawik99
      03-20-2009 - permalink
      man you must be busy, a week ago was the last time you checked in. ive seen you videos, man that a real mean 6, ive chose to save for a gt doner, i GOTA have the idel sound. the kind that makes the cars around think there gona get eaten while kicking and screaming.
    2. ModsStang
      02-04-2009 - permalink
      Beautiful ride!
    3. o4RedFireGT
      01-22-2009 - permalink
      Can't wait til Summer! Glad to be a part of the Speed Kingz...
    4. azzkickingboxer
      12-14-2008 - permalink
      Yea i like your ride too, well yea i boxxed for three years, nothing serious, ya see im a smoker so i can throw the heads but when it comes to staying in a ring for 12 rounds i tend to get a little winded lol, so i never took it past training and sparring at the GYM.

      Alright Man,
      Travis Lewandowski
      BTW, What kinda exhaust you have on your car just wondering im trying to look for a new exhaust and read your comments on here and they said it sounds good on yours so it would sound good on mine? If you dont mind. Just let me know. Thanks bro
    5. azzkickingboxer
      12-10-2008 - permalink
      Hey bro, Just saw one of your post's and saw that you have the same damn car that i have, mines competition orange though, and i dont have very many mods yet but im working on it lol. well um yea hey accept my freind request and i will chat at you some more.

      Travis Lewandowski
    6. kawik99
      08-28-2008 - permalink
      thanks for the request. you got 2 extreamly nice cars there. and ive seen you exhaust clip when i was looking into duals myself. sounds very nice btw.
    7. nascar88ford
      07-05-2008 - permalink
      I recently saw your videos on YouTube and wanted to say that your car is awesome. Again. Hows it going?
    8. white angel
      05-02-2008 - permalink
      white angel
      Graet ponies and pictures in your gallery!
    9. wckdsexi
      04-23-2008 - permalink
      I've always wanted an '03 cobra. Hopefully I'll have one when mine is paid for and I'm out of school. so how fast is it?
    10. wckdsexi
      04-22-2008 - permalink
      I LOVE your car!!! I agree with the sunny day/cruisin in the stang outing. that's my fave thing to do ever!


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    Timeslip Database

    Timeslips Mustang Ride
    2008 Mustang GT
    Engine type and displacement
    4.6 Modified
    Major modifications
    Bama Tune, 4:10 gears, Bassani Exhaust, Airad CAI, Soon Twin Turbo
    Tranny type
    Drag Radials
    Race weight
    Track Name
    West Salem Drag, La Crosse Speedway
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    FaceBook User Name: Mike becker
    YouTube User Name: must2stang
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