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I Love IT!!!!
Very Nice!!! i see that red interior creeping through the windshield, I luv it!!!!
Perfect color combo!!!! Very nice!!
Very sharp, I like it a lot!
Enough with the DEALERSHIP pictures already, these cars are on the street! let's see some real owner...
Now that is a GREAT look!!!!!! Just hope you don't need ac on a 100 degree day.
Beautiful hood!!!!!!!!
Love Roush!
Why does it say gt500 on the top of the screen, if it is clearly a gt350...come on man!
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Awesome photo of your spoiler..... so how much different will your car look vs what should be deleiv...
Whoever rated this photo a 1.00....Don't hate me just cause I'm beautiful.
by EAZZY 1
You could eat off that crisp bumper.
by EAZZY 1

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