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I'd like to get to know this hottie! I love a nice redhead...
I want to find out which Hooter's she works at..... I want to buy her a drink and take her for a rid...
To me... this car looks like a bad ass that you might see on the autobahn in Germany.... Too Cool!!!...
A "Classy" muscle car!
Very Stealthy! I like!
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the picture you are looking at is the mustang interceptor , i think it was done by mrt , if im not m...
by primeredstang
This could be the new Knight Rider...that looks mean.
by mrvandermey
Not bad... Maybe a little over the top?
by stlwagon
I think it's cool.
by kscoyote
i think it is nice... something from the mad max theme....
by fordgazm2005
i think is so sweet....looks so mean.....
by 95stanggirl
This person over did his customizing! He ruined the cars beutiful lines. Take off that hideous fake ...
by mad7fitty

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