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Plusgood, doubleplusgood...
New hairstyle needed -- this one makes her face look too long.
Belly button jewelry creeps me out.
Is that a WWF championship belt? Not a good look...
-5 for the mirror, and -5 for the tattoo.
The mirror really does need a good shine with some Mother's chrome paste.
Wait...that's Kurt Cobain, iddnit?
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by tobynt
by tobynt
Looks great...I like the fender badge...very cool
by mrvandermey
I love that color. I wish those wheels would fit the GT... Does anyone offer a 245 CID fender ba...
by BlueLou
Gorgeous car!
by stlwagon
Beautiful... The sun really plays tricks with that color!
by stlwagon
by stlwagon
Great shot!
by stlwagon
Verrrrry nice Kelly!
by stlwagon
Great pic... Been there a few times.
by stlwagon

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