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I do love the exotic beauty look....she is one of the finest odels here. Absolutely perfect.
Simply one of the best models on here....she is beyond stunning, eye catching and captivating.
Looking real good. Now I can visualize what side stripes would look like on my are certa...
Very nice car and set up....the color combo reminds me of another it.
Very cool picture, how do I get a copy for me?
Awesome looking car. I do indeed like the front end. Your stripes remind of another
Sweet car. That is exactly how I oginally envisioned my car when I bought my S197. I lov eyour color...
WOW...between the lighting and the conversion, the two pics do not even look like the same car. Grea...
Simply one very gorgeous Stang. You did very good on the conversion. This should be your avatar pic.
Just got to love it when a Mustang shows off with its Babe!
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