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Ummm thats no salesmen my friend, he is Steve Saleen , which means he can own any Mustang he wants !...
Great looking 68
Im not too clear here! Did the red mustang hit the white one ?? kindda confused here
Man I love that front end
I must agree
Love the wheels
That is one sharp looking Shelby
Thats a nice looking front
Another great shot
Nice side shot, good job
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Ouuuuffffff Ford was on top of the styling game back in the day
by 03RedfireGTVert
Wow, that right there is a true legendary car. A collector's dream, and your living it. Make the mos...
by 03RedfireGTVert
Very nice photo... good job.
by Snackmaster
Nice framing and composition.
by Snackmaster
by Snackmaster
I like this angle... shows the stripes nicely.
by Snackmaster
They don't look too big at all... Nice!
by Snackmaster
That is one solid shot there.
by Snackmaster
Love it...
by Snackmaster
I love that stance.
by Snackmaster

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