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i like this, even though the lines aren't definitive.
she lacks something, but nice pic.
See, this is a good photo.
I wish I had that kinda confidence and a hot car to along with it.
I lvoe what she is wearing! I was going to buy it the other day.
oh my gosh. I saw the other pictures and they were okay, but this one ruins it. she looks like she w...
damn, you look so young its not funny!
Love it! good job.
I love your car! and you're so pretty :)
Ronda! Looking fabulous as usual :)
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Nice ride.
by Thereaper
nice nice nice
by Thereaper
Looks similar to our George W. (our male cat).
by JEB
Awesome looking ride.
by mrvandermey
AHHH Lunch!!
by razorjr07
I just looked at it online and from the way it looks it is only a two-seater. Oh well, power beats p...
by razorjr07
awwww she's soo cute!
by Chas
i had a cat like that...tasted like chicken lol sorry im not much of a cat person
by razorjr07
I do believe this is what they mean by beautifu artwork, heh?
by mrvandermey
That is smoking hot...I bet it is fast as heck.
by mrvandermey

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