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Shit that thing looks mean as hell.
That is really nice.
I really hope thats not the next Mustang. Its ugly as hell and wtf is up with the lambo doors? Musta...
Nice, im gunna have to get me some of those. How much did those cost?
I agree, looks good but it would look awesome if it was lowered more.
Where did you get the front bumper?
Thats a cool shot
NICE... but why are the spark plug wires unplugged?
God those T-tops are hot... i wish my fox had one. >.
If i ever get pulled over by you im gunna be pissed. lol
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by foxmustang302
Nice... But what is up with it sitting so high in the back?
by SM90Stanger
My brother had the same car except it was orange, hence the name, Pumpkin. lol
by kingmustang
mmmmmm looks like its powered by the tears of import
by Wicked 99
by 5.0RagTop
Nice car! Happy Birthday!
by pcfrisch
by edpanduro10
i love fox bodys
by fordzilla0549
This picture is so damn awesome!
by beetlebaileyx
Very true.
by zmanm3

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