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ugh... those aftermarket HID's are nice
where is that hand going?!?!?!?!
boots!... ugh.. not on the bumper.. but other then that.. nice black vest.. wink wink
damn, i wish i could get them to pose with my car...
nice body! i love the stomach
she looks like marilyn manson in the face.. sweet car tho
how big are her rotors?!?!? ..on the car
nice a$$ nice car... yep
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looking Great!
by tobynt
Looking Good!
by tobynt
id love to take this car with the exact wheels/color + year and rip it apart and make it a sleeper. ...
by FM2K GT
yep... that probably says it all i think.
by grimmreaper1221
Beatiful car, its perfect!
by A7X1031
nice ass car!!!!gotta love the black on black
by stlcap5
Nice black stang
by white angel

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