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I love this car Brett . . . . . Give it to me !!!!!!!!!!! LMAOooooooooo !!!!
Yeah I thoght that ! As soon as I saw her I thought "My God She's Ugly" ! JEEZ !!!
Love the paint on this Gary !
That's a beauty, love it!
Great picture !!!
Not only a little cutie but good taste too eh?
Looks like a good clean car you got there.Nice colour and like the contrasting ragtop. Looks classy.
Nice Rig !
Love that blue and the tri-Bars
What's this then? A scene from MACBETH ! Sorry Stacey, couldn't resist that. :-)
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Really looking Great!!!!!!!!!
by tobynt
Looking Good!
by tobynt
Cute, lets race daddy.
by nigel
Future mustang owner.
by nigel
Looks like a glamior girl.
by nigel
Love this one.
by jim293
Hey dad did you say something.
by jim293
What a handsome devil.
by jim293
You're such a stud... Cheers, Ric!
by Snackmaster
This looks how I feel !!
by smitchel

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