Recent Comments on Member Photos
You look like a angel.
by nigel
You are gorgious.
by nigel
Ahhh to be a teen again! Live it up Jen and never take no for an answer.
by Rebel12
Nice picture of a pretty lady.
by jim293
uglyest girl on this site. NOT
by fatpop
great pics sounds like you have it all figured out
by tbrock
the girl knows she's not ugly, she just wants to hear it from us whipped dudes, jk.
by Mantiis
Ugly, maybe she meant the inside. lol just kidding. I will show ugly later on today.
by HPaddict
where is the other picture?????
by HPaddict
Yeah I thoght that ! As soon as I saw her I thought "My God She's Ugly" ! JEEZ !!!
by Ric66fb

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