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Medium Duty Front Brake Kit by Wilwood Brakes
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Description: Kit Features:

Dynalite Drag Race Front Brake Kits are engineered for all cars weighing less than 2800 pounds, and rear drum brake equipped cars weighing less than 2400 pounds. This is the most popular front kit in all of drag racing. Forged Billet Dynalite calipers, forged billet hubs, lightweight steel alloy rotors, and PolyMatrix brake pads offer lasting performance with up to 50 pounds of weight savings off the front end. Check out the technical features and performance benefits of these classically styled kits.

Forged Billet Dynalite FDL Calipers are the newest and strongest calipers in the class. Stress-flow forging and a radial bridge to body transition design, generated through Wilwood's solid modeling and stress analysis technology, are the key elements contributing to the superior strength and performance of the FDL. The superior strength of this innovative design is combined with proven performance features from other Wilwood designs. FDL's are a fixed mount, opposed piston design that generate high clamping force without deflection from four 1.75" stainless steel pistons. Stainless is used to resist corrosion and reduce heat transfer. The 1.75" pistons provide the highest clamping force available in a small body four-piston caliper. Square faced o-rings provide long service and positive piston retraction. Every FDL caliper is equipped with Wilwood's SRS stainless steel bridge plates. SRS plates eliminate the bridge wear caused by pad gouging and extend the service life of the caliper. The spring-loaded action of the SRS plates also eliminates pad rattle and dampens the vibration harmonics that contribute to pad squeal. Internal fluid ports eliminate all potential problems associated with external tubes. Four corner bleed screws assure simple and effective air evacuation from both sides and allow mounting in any position. Pads are easily accessed without caliper removal and a high luster black finish preserves this caliper's classic style.

Forged Billet Aluminum Hubs with Intermediate Rotor Mounting Plates are unmatched for strength and weight savings. Premium grade alloy billets are forged into shape under high heat and pressure, then CNC machined for precise fit on each spindle application. Aluminum intermediate rotor mounting plates reduce unnecessary weight and minimize heat distortion when using the larger diameter steel rotors mounted directly to the back of the hub. All hubs are double drilled for 5 on 4.50" and 5 on 4.75" wheel lug patterns. Hubs are shipped with bearing races installed, new bearings, grease seals, and screw-on aluminum center caps.

High Strength Alloy Steel Rotors are light and strong with high thermal stability and resistance to distortion. To help generate the higher brake torque and absorb the increased heat of cars in this weight category, a larger diameter .35" thick rotor is used with an aluminum intermediate rotor mount plate. The steel mass and subsequent retained heat is concentrated at the pad sweep face. This not only eliminates unnecessary rotating weight, it reduces potential stress and distortion at the mounting flange by reducing the temperature variation between the ID and OD of the steel. Hole patterns on the optional drilled version are specific to size and location to provide maximum weight reduction with durability and longest possible pad life. Every rotor is surface ground for precise thickness and parallelism, then black oxide finished to resist corrosion.

PolyMatrix Type 7112 E Compound Brake Pads provide immediate cold response and a smooth rising torque curve over a wide temperature range. This material provides steady control during burn-outs and staging, immediate positive response at the finish line, and fade free performance on the hottest of stops. Aluminum Caliper Brackets are lightweight and CNC machined for precise fit on each spindle. Steel thread inserts add durability at the mounting holes, and each bracket is anodized to resist corrosion and maintain its high tech style. Grade 8 and Aircraft Hardware including extended length 0.50" wheel studs for deep lug nuts on race wheels, and all other elements required for a precise and reliable installation are provided with each kit.

1984-1986 Mustang, SVO Disc: 140-4503-B
1987-1993 Mustang, V8: 140-4503-B
1974-1978 Mustang II Disc: 140-1013-B
1965-1969 Mustang V8 Spindle Disc/Drum: 140-4307-B
1970-1970 Mustang Shelby, GT350, GT500: Disc 140-4307-B

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Pros: great stopping ability
Cons: nothing

I work at a hot rod shop building, well, hot rods. Everyone that receives disc brakes gets a set of Wilwood disc brakes Medium Duty. These leave little to no brake dust when used with carbon fiber pads. We found that the pads most compiled of organics is what leaves a lot of the dust. Medium duty is what we swear by on all of ours cars, little to no squeaking and little to no dust yet the great stopping ability Wilwood is known for.
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