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4000 series 6x6 Wiper-Slot + XS cross-drilled by DBAUSA
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Description: Ford MUSTANG 2005
GT V8 4.6L + V6 4.0L
High Performance Brake Rotors
Powerful vehicles demand the very best in disc brake rotor performance.

Rotors proven in motor-sport, rotors engineered to withstand extreme heat and pressure, rotors that will last longer and perform consistently, on or off the race track!

The 4000 series disc brake rotors deliver.
Disc Brakes Australia takes braking performance to new levels with innovative features including;

Kangaroo Paw ventilation, Thermo-Stability Profiling and Thermo-Graphic paint markings.

Let’s start with the ventilation system. The Kangaroo Paw is the most significant
breakthrough in decades. The innovative Kangaroo Paw design runs cooler, is stronger, and easily outperforms traditional straight vane disc rotors.

The Kangaroo Paw system features 144 precisely positioned diamond and tear-drop pillars. The pillars create greater strength and reliability, and greater surface area means more efficient heat dissipation and a return to optimal operating temperatures ready for the next braking application.

4000 series disc brake rotors can handle the most extreme applications thanks to Thermo Stability Profiling or TSP.
This unique process provides greater thermal stability than standard street discs. TSP enhances the microstructure of the disc rotor for extreme applications.

Greater thermal stability allows your discs to take more heat, making them more stable under heavy braking for longer periods of time. TSP also means improved brake pad and disc rotor life, and delayed brake fade

4000 series rotors also incorporate DBA’s Thermo-Graphic paint markings.

The thermo-graphic paint markings change colour in turn at specific temperature thresholds. By checking the markings, drivers can monitor braking performance quickly and easily.

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