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Wet Obsession by Obesessive Detail
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Description: What they say:
Wet Obsession leaves a very slick surface making it hard for contaminants and dust to stick to the paint. Wet Obsession adds great protection against bird droppings, bugs, moisture, and other various contaminants. Offers excellent UV protection.

Directions for use:
Make sure paint surface is completely clean and properly prepped for optimum results. Apply a thin layer to one panel at a time using a foam or microfiber applicator. Buff off with a high quality microfiber towel. Wet Obsession can be layered to add more depth and wetness.

Can also be applied by machine using a soft finishing pad at a very low speed.
Key Features:

-Amazing wetness and depth
-Excellent reflection
-Easy on/Easy Off
-Can be layered
-No residue or streaking
-Looks brilliant on darker colored paints
-Makes lighter colors pop
-Over 30 applications from 1 tin

What I say:

This is one of the most amazing waxes I have ever used. Clarity and no gunk buildup allows this wax to truly do its' job. I popped open the tin and applied WO with a terry pad from an autozone pack. Cleanly went on the car - hazed to a light white and I knew I was then ready to use a good quality microfiber to get it off... and with the first swipe, our 1993 Fox glowed. My husband couldn't believe the shine and I couldn't be happier with the ease of application and removal! Rotating the microfiber I buffed the wax to a brilliant shine! An the color truly does POP!! I can't wait to use this on my 07 Metallic... if it comes out anything like the 1993 - i will be very pleased.

I was only able to layer it once this go around - I can't imagine with multiple layers... hot, hot, hot! This is an excellent product - a bit costly, but spreadsnice and thin... you'll get multiple uses out of this and you'll be the talk of the neighborhood.

Remember to leave yourself enough time to completely clean and polish your car before application!!

If you have an products you'd like me to review, please PM me!
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