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10-Plus Ignition, PN 7505 by MSD
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Description: For racers with absurd amounts of boost pressure or nitrous being injected, the search for an ignition with the voltage and current output to match, ends with the MSD 10-PLUS. Ignition savvy racers will note that the MSD 10-PLUS isn’t exactly new as it is definitely rooted to the proven MSD 10 Ignition. Our engineers were able to take that proven performance and combine it with our patented Stacker Ignition CD/Inductive) technology to create an ignition and coil package with even more spark energy and voltage! Also note that there is now only one ignition coil. This incredible coil is designed specifically to handle the CD and Inductive sparking characteristics of the 10-PLUS. This coil is completely hand assembled in-house at MSD with a segmented Rynite bobbin and unique windings that are capable of handling the 630 volts and up to 700 mJ of spark energy that the Ignition sends it. Together, the system produces a spark that glows across the plug gap for 20°-30° and is assured to burn whatever fuel you can throw at it.

The MSD 10-PLUS features a built-in Two Step Rev Control
for an easy to set launch limit and important overrev rpm limit. The Ignition is supplied with the Coil, wiring and hardware for installation.

For more information visit: http://www.msdignition.com/
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