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2005 - 2006 Mustang GT Underdrive Pulley Kit by Sean Hyland Motorsport
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Description: Underdrive pulleys have always been a good bolt on performance part for the Ford 4.6 engine, and the 2005 4.6 3 Valve is no different. SHM have developed a 2 piece pulley kit for the 4.6 3V, which produced an 8hp rear wheel gain on our in house test car. The pulley kit includes a new harmonic balancer which reduces the speed by 25%, and a larger water pump pulley which slows the water pump speed by 15%. The harmonic balancer retains 92% of the original mass, which is critical to long term durability of the engine. The 4.6 engine has always had a harmonic problem in the crankshaft and many of the underdrive kits on the market create a larger problem with the harmonics due to a lack of damping. The SHM kit has been developed to maintain as much mass as possible and testing shows no adverse effects on crankshaft or main bearing durability.

The second important feature of the SHM pulley kit is that we only include the harmonic balancer and the water pump pulley, not the alternator pulley as in previous underdrive kits. The 2005 Mustang GT engine has a 1 way clutch built into the alternator pulley to prevent the inertia of the alternator stator from flipping the belt off on engine overrun. Less knowledgeable manufacturers will have you remove this pulley, then you wonder why you have belt durability problems.

8 Rear Wheel Horsepower Gain and No Hassles are our objective here at SHM. Our kit comes complete with a new OEM crank bolt, and uses the original belt.

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