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357 Pro-Bullet by D.S.S. Inc.
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Description: The D.S.S. Super Pro Bullet 357 W is a high performance, low cost alternative to a stock rebuild or a factory crate motor. We recommend this engine for street/ strip, daily driven, low maintenance, moderate to high horsepower, power adder applications. Capable of making well over 700 horsepower with nitrous
or boost, however we recommend that you limit total horsepower to around 650. (mid to high 9’s @ 3200 lbs.) For applications over 650 horsepower you should consider the 410 Bullet SVO featuring the W351 four bolt main block.

Block: 1-piece or 2-piece rear main seal production 351W block, thermal cleaned, stress relieved, Magna Fluxed, threads chased, mains checked and corrected, oil galleys tapped for thread in plugs and the decks are CBN squared and equalized. The block is then precision bored .004” smaller than final bore size, torque plate honed to final bore size and proper RMS finish in our Sunnen CV616 and o-ringed. Deep seat freeze plugs and Federal Mogul seamless cam bearings are installed. Crank: Production crankshaft, thermal cleaned, shot-peened, Magna Fluxed, precision ground, oil scooped and chamfered and balanced to racing tolerances. Rods: 4340 steel H-beam rods balanced to racing tolerances. Pistons: True flat top custom forged piston with 2 valve relief’s, CNC fly-cut for most aftermarket race cams and heads. Balanced to racing tolerances. (Piston to wall clearances set at .0015 to .002) Rings: Severe duty Speed-Pro ductile iron moly rings. Perfect for high boost or nitrous levels. Bearings: Federal Mogul/ TRW rod and main bearings. Clearances set at .0025 to .003. Assembly: All Super Pro Bullet short blocks are hand assembled by a professional engine builder. Clearances are checked with precision dial bore gages and micrometers (much more accurate than plasti-gage). The D.S.S. Main Support System including custom ARP main studs is key to high horsepower longevity. Also included are stainless steel o-rings installed on the deck surface of the block, premium ARP head studs, your choice of standard or high volume oil pump, a heavy duty oil pump drive shaft and a Fel-Pro gasket set including graphite head gaskets, oil pan, front cover, front cover seal, valve cover, water pump, and thermostat housing gaskets.

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