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4.6L SOHC Crate Engines by Sean Hyland Motorsport
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Description: 300 HP 4.6 SOHC
Part No. SHM2V300
Based on the 4.6 cast iron engine with power improved cylinder heads, this engine has quiet running hypereutectic pistons, production PM rods and a cast iron crankshaft. Compression ratio is 9.6-1. The PI cylinder heads have a mild camshaft package installed to provide a lope at idle and increased power and torque in the midrange. A polished billet throttle body and aluminum valve covers make this engine a beautiful addition to any engine compartment. Engine includes billet fuel rails and fuel injectors.

400 HP 4.6 SOHC
Part No. SHM2V400
4.6 cast iron block, filled with a forged steel crankshaft, forged rods and 9.6-1 compression forged pistons. Ported Pi cylinder heads are fitted with oversize stainless valves and high performance beehive valve springs. A pair of billet camshafts, ground with our hot street cam grind provide a broad powerband and the lopey idle of a hot rod engine, Billet fuel rails, polished billet throttle body and cast aluminum valve covers complete this engine package.

500 HP 4.6 SOHC
Part No. SHM2V500
This is the bad boy of the SOHC crate engines. Beginning with a cast iron block, we add a forged steel crankshaft, forged connecting rods, and boost friendly 9.0-1 forged pistons. Ported PI cylinder heads fitted with stainless valves and high performance valve springs are actuated with SHM billet camshafts. A twin screw supercharger feeds 12 lbs. of boost into the engine, and the cast aluminum valve covers, and polished throttle body compete the visual appeal of this engine package.

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