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Cobra Shortblock by Sean Hyland Motorsport
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Description: Cobra Shortblock
Part No. 78000 600 HP Capable
Each block is bored and honed oversize with torque plates, line honed and detailed inside. The forged steel crankshaft is electronically balanced and modified to enhance the oiling system. Manley forged steel H beam rods, Manley forged aluminum pistons and SHM’s own high strength moly rings are fitted along with heavy duty bearings. A new high volume oil pump and pick up are fitted, with SHM’s billet steel oil pump gears. ARP main studs are used to hold the main caps in place.

Cobra Billet Shortblock
Part No. 78500 1000 HP Capable
Billet steel Manley I beams rods, and our own billet aluminum girdle are added to the features found on the 78000 shortblock. FM race bearings are exclusively used in the billet shortblock.

Cobra Pro 5.0 Shortblock
Part No. 78500R 1600 HP Capable
Same shortblock as used in John Mihovetz’s 1600 hp, 6 second twin turbo drag car. A fully prepped block receives a lightweight forged steel crankshaft, with double flange thrust bearings to withstand high thrust loads on the rear of the crank. SHM’s own 300M rods and custom JE pistons are used. Finally, the block is filled with a special epoxy to add rigidity.

Cobra 5 Liter Shortblock
Part No. 81500 600 HP Capable
This is the 3.70 bore shortblock, SHM made famous through winning races in North American road racing series’. We sleeve the block oversize with our own cast iron liner, then add forged pistons, H beam Manley rods, and our full shortblock machining and preparation. This is an excellent shortblock for open track and road racing, as the larger bore unshrouds the valves and allows the cylinder heads to breathe better.

Cobra 302 Stroker Shortblock
Part No. 78700
First we bore the Cobra block .030 oversize, then we add a 3.75” stroker crankshaft, Manley forged rods and forged pistons, along with SHM billet oil pump gears and ARP studs, complete the assembly! Gain 20 more cubic inches for only a bit more cash. The stroker shortblock is an ideal upgrade on a street driven car, since it enhances the low end torque.

Cobra 5.2 Liter Shortblock
Part No. 82500
Another SHM first! Pioneered for road racing in the Grand Am Cup Series in 2001, against Vipers and Corvettes. This shortblock combines the oversize bore of the 5 liter, with the stroker crankshaft to end up with 322 cubic inches of raw power. Of course this package includes a forged steel crankshaft, forged Manley rods and pistons, along with SHM billet oil pump gears and ARP studs.

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