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4.6L - Prochamber Catalytic H-Pipe System by MAC
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Description: MAC's new patent pending PRO CHAMBER has just obsoleted the competition's H-pipe technology. Split (one each side) manifolds or exhaust headers on any engine need to be balanced to each other.

On a V-8 motor for example, exhaust pulses enter respective collectors at uneven intervals of 90-180-270 degrees of engine rotation. This process hampers the full benefit of any exhaust header or manifold system by the long intervals between exhaust pulses, making balancing of exhaust mandatory for optimum power.

Balance tubes between exhaust on opposite sides help transfer exhaust pulses from side to side to smooth out the exhaust pulse and flow, resulting in more power and economy.

MAC's PRO CHAMBER goes even further than traditional H-pipes to produce more torque and horsepower by merging exhaust pulses in one area. Merging of all exhaust gases creates higher temperatures which creates a boost in exhaust velocity, plus lets exhaust gas see both outlets.

Available to fit 1999-2004 4.6L 2V & 4V Mustangs.
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