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Victor Jr. Ford 2V Sportsman Intake Manifold by Edelbrock
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Description: Victor Jr. Ford 2V Sportsman (3500-7000 RPM)

Edelbrock’s engineers work closely with engine builders from all forms of racing to produce manifolds with superior horsepower and torque potential for competition. Victor Series manifolds have extra material for port matching and customizing to maximize performance. Edelbrock Victor Series manifolds provide race-winning power!

The Victor Jr. Ford 2V Sportsman manifolds are dedicated designs for the 2V racer and provide outstanding performance from 3500 to 7000 rpm. #2940 is designed for use on engine blocks with a 9.20" deck height and #2941 is for blocks with a 9.50" deck. The runners are sized especially for 2V racing engines for the ultimate combination of torque/horsepower and better fuel distribution. An extra tall carburetor pad eliminates the need for spacers. Port exits are sized to match cast iron SVO or Dart cylinder heads. May be used with Edelbrock Victor Jr. cylinder heads #77169. Accepts standard restrictor plates and carb adapters.

Victor Jr. Ford 2V Sportsman (9.2" Deck) ....#2940*
Victor Jr. Ford 2V Sportsman (9.5" Deck) ....#2941*

For more information visit: http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive/
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