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Street Rod Fuel Pump, P/N 11203 by Aeromotive
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Description: Street Rod Fuel Pump, P/N 11203

For carbureted powerplants making 200-750 HP with standard regulators and up to 1,000 HP with dynamic, bypass style regulators. Ideal for coninuous duty, carbureted applications where more line pressure, flow volume and reliability are desired.

Ideal for your daily driver, street rod or demanding ET-bracket race car. On the street or at the track, you expect durability and reliability, along with consistant high performance. The Street Rod Pump delivers high fuel flow at optimal line pressure. This pump is designed to be used with either ou Bypass Regulator; P/N 13301 or one of our Carburetor Adjustable Regulators; P/N 13201 or 13205.

Fuel flow exceeds 900 lbs. per hour @ 13.5 Volts -more than 150 gallons per hour.

Pump provides 18-20 PSI fuel pressure - perfect for high-G leaving cars.

Pumping mechanism features our proprietary composite rotor, stainless steel vanes, and precious ground, heat-treated steel plates.

3/8" NPT ports facilitate easy installation.

Alcohol compatible.

Ideal for dedicated nitrous
fuel delivery.

Low amperage draw.

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