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2005-2006 V6 Mustang Cold Air Intake Kit by Tunable Induction
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Description: Tunable Induction's (DeMolet) NEW Intake 2005 V6 Mustang

77mm Carbon fiber throttle body tube - 87mm TB coupler - Gloss black polycarbonate heat shield with edge molding- Custom molded 9" dual-cone Green with the sensor port in the TB pipe.

The real carbon fiber composite tube provides an extra 'heat barrier' & 'additional insulation' with the excessively high under hood temperatures.

Automotive styles come and go but we went with the carbon fiber as it's stronger than steel, a lasting automotive style, and you can't beat the strength, reinforcing and insulating characteristics. A full carbon fiber tube would not provide the thickness (1/4" cellular core ABS carbon fiber, double layered at the bottom of the tube where the highest heat source is present, and the smoothness of the hand polished inner ABS tube whereas a full carbon fiber tube would be a 'weaved' inner surface). We will also have a choice of filter colors with this system to tie in with your body color!

For more information visit: Tunable Induction website.

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