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KB 99-04 IRS Cobra Tubular K-Member for 4.6L Mustangs by Kenny Brown
posted by DaleBrown

Kenny Brown Engineered and Manufactured Tubular 'fixed Strut' Advanced Geometry Front Suspension Module. Benefits include: Improved Roll Center, Increased 'Anti-Dive, Stabiliz ...
5774 None No reviews
KB 99-04 IRS Cobra Tubular Control Arms Street by Kenny Brown
posted by DaleBrown

The Kenny Brown Design Advanced Geometry™ Street Front Control Arms allow for installation of front coil-over struts. These arms also offer a significant reduction in weight w ...
6841 None No reviews
Super Street Cage by Kenny Brown
posted by AFM Staff

The Super Street Cage adds chassis stiffness and support for superior performance, weight transfer, improving traction, braking, and handling without compromising ingress, egr ...
5743 None No reviews
KB 99 - 04 Cobra Aluminum IRS Differential Bushing Kit by Kenny Brown
posted by ScottHalliday

Kenny’s new Aluminum Differential Bushing Kit is a needed addition to any new Cobra, especially if the suspension and chassis has been upgraded to handle more power or for ser ...
5789 6.00 1 reviews
Special "Red" by Koni
posted by StalkerStang

The red KONI Special is designed for drivers who want to improve their car’s handling. Improved comfort and road holding combined with a higher level of safety, available for ...
5811 6.00 2 reviews
1964 - 1970 New Style Panhard Rod Kit by Maier Racing
posted by AFM Staff

The Maier Racing new style panhard rod kit is fully adjustable. Both chassis mounting brackets are slotted to allow up to 4.5" of vertical movement. The chassis-mounting brack ...
6166 None No reviews
1964 - 1970 Original Panhard Rod Kit by Maier Racing
posted by AFM Staff

This is a similar reproduction of the Panhard Rod Kit offered in the Boss 302 Chassis modification book (1969). This kit is best applied to a vintage enthusiast wanting to ret ...
7385 None No reviews
1986 - 1993 Strut Tower Brace by Maier Racing
posted by AFM Staff

In the past 40 or so years Maier has been tuning and tweaking their chassis to better handle the demanding cornering encountered on the track. In doing so, Maier Racing has le ...
6348 None No reviews
1979 - 1995 Power Steering Kit by Maximum Motorsports
posted by AFM Staff

This MM kit greatly improves the steering feel by reducing the amount of power assist. Steering effort is increased just enough to provide good feedback to the driver. The MM ...
6454 None No reviews
1979 - 1993 Roll Bars by Maximum Motorsports
posted by AFM Staff

The Maximum Motorsports roll bar conforms to the NHRA’s rules when installed according to Maximum Motorsports directions. The rear braces initially bolt to the main hoop in ...
6471 None No reviews
Panhard Bar by Maximum Motorsports
posted by ScottHalliday

MM's Panhard rod is the longest possible at 38" between pivot points. This minimizes the amount of rear axle movement associated with the arc of the rods movement. The longer ...
7568 6.50 2 reviews
1994-2004 Mustang Caster Camber Plates by Maximum Motorsports
posted by StangMods

All new 4-bolt version: MMCC9994 for 1994 through 2004 Mustangs. The Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates address the issues of obtaining proper alignment, both static ...
10033 7.50 6 reviews
K-Member 79-02 by Maximum Motorsports
posted by GTRaptor

We spent over two years optimizing our K-Member, both on the track and on the computer. The result is that the front of your car will corner like nothing else you’ve experienc ...
4670 None No reviews
Standard & Adjustable Lower Control Arms by Maximum Motorsports
posted by GTRaptor

Maximum Motorsports’ rear lower control arms plant your rubber firmly to the road. Our design will give you more traction with none of the poor handling characteristics common ...
6812 6.43 7 reviews
Torque Arm by Maximum Motorsports
posted by GTRaptor

The ultimate rear suspension for your Mustang is now available from Maximum Motorsports. Installing the MM Torque-arm will greatly improve your four-link suspension by convert ...
4881 None No reviews
Adjustable Tie-Rod Ends by Maximum Motorsports
posted by GTRaptor

“Bumpsteer” is a term for the situation where the front toe changes as the suspension moves up and down. If the toe changes more than a very small amount it will cause the ca ...
4035 None No reviews
Strut Tower Brace by Maximum Motorsports
posted by ScottHalliday

Flexing of the strut towers, both fore/aft and side to side, causes unpredictable alignment and handling changes, lack of roll coupling, vibration and metal fatigue. The MM St ...
5517 3.00 2 reviews
Standard Subframe Connectors by Maximum Motorsports
posted by ScottHalliday

Maximum Motorsports’ subframe connectors are welded to the bottom of the unibody, connecting the front and rear subframes and supplying more structure than is provided by the ...
4261 None No reviews
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