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M-6007D351FT 351 Engines with GT-40 Aluminum He by Ford Racing
posted by sav_justin

This 351ci small block will give your ride the power it needs! This 351ci engine features a new Sportsman block with 2-bolt mains. Custom built with the same quality controls ...
5969 None No reviews
#397-M-6007-Z347 347 Boss Engine with Z Aluminum Heads by Ford Racing
posted by sav_justin

The Ford Racing Z347 crate engine features their Boss 4-bolt main block that features 1/2'' head bolts and threaded core plugs just like the original. This 347ci engine create ...
8684 None No reviews
#397-M-6007-T50EA 5.0L Cammer Modular Engine by Ford Racing
posted by sav_justin

This engine is basically a complete package of all Ford Racing's high-performance modular DOHC 4-valve components, which are currently the core of numerous racing applications ...
8070 None No reviews
#397-M-6007-TVS 5.4L Romeo 605 Crate Engine by Ford Racing
posted by sav_justin

The Most Powerful Engine Ever From a Ford Production Line! Assembled at Ford Motor Company's Romeo Engine plant with FRPP valve covers, coil covers and upgraded TVS superch ...
10028 None No reviews
E303 Camshaft by Ford Racing
posted by StalkerStang

"Street Legal" (E.O. #D-225-16) Small Block V-8 Hydraulic Roller Tappet Camshaft For more information http:­/­/www­.fordracing­.com­/parts­/search& ...
9790 7.50 2 reviews
427 FE Header Tank Assembly by Hillbank Motorsports.
posted by Hillbank Motorsports

Stainless Steel Surge Tank for 427 FE motor. Item# SUP-01-015-00097 Click Here to Purchase
4301 None No reviews
Heavy duty oil stabilizer by Lucas Oil Products
posted by dakine858

I've used Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer as an additive in every engine build I've done. Friends of mine have experimented with countless oil additives searching for the best ...
7300 10.00 1 reviews
V6 Mustang H.O. Underdrive Pulley Kit by MOTOBLUE™
posted by lcurle

MOTOBLUE™ V6 H.O. Underdrive Pulley Kit includes: * MOTOBLUE™ H.O. Water Pump Pulley * MOTOBLUE™ H.O. Power Balancer Pulley Kit * Correct GOODYEAR Gatorback Belt * Adds ...
12963 9.00 1 reviews
4.6L SOHC Crate Engines by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

300 HP 4.6 SOHC Part No. SHM2V300 Based on the 4.6 cast iron engine with power improved cylinder heads, this engine has quiet running hypereutectic pistons, production PM ro ...
33916 None No reviews
4.6L DOHC Crate Engines by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

350 HP 4.6 DOHC Part No. SHM4V350 The 4.6 Cobra engine, complete with forged steel crankshaft, 9.85-1 hypereutectic pistons, and PM rods. High lift billet cams are added to ...
29519 None No reviews
Cobra Longblock by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

Cobra Longblock Part No. 79000 600 HP Capable Starting with the 78000 shortblock, we add cylinder heads, ported to stage 1 specs, with stainless valves, and ...
10548 None No reviews
GT Longblock by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

GT Longblock Part No. 69000 600 HP Capable Ported PI cylinder heads with cams, lifters, rockers, valves, installed on a forged bottom end. Comes complete with ...
8521 None No reviews
Cobra Shortblock by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

Cobra Shortblock Part No. 78000 600 HP Capable Each block is bored and honed oversize with torque plates, line honed and detailed inside. ...
8616 None No reviews
GT Shortblock by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

GT Shortblock Part No. 69500 600 HP Capable A new iron block is honed oversize with deck plates, and deburred before we add a forged steel crankshaft, Ma ...
6930 None No reviews
1994 - 2004 Mustang GT High Volume Oil Pump Upgrade Kit by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

Provide extra insurance for your bearings at high rpm with this high volume oil pump upgrade for 4.6 2 valve GT engines. Includes oil pump with SHM billet gears installed and ...
6583 None No reviews
#19 Camshaft by Steeda
posted by GTRaptor

Steeda proudly offers the #19 Cam, similar to the popular #18 Cam, but with a slightly wider lobe separation angle for better vacuum at idle which is required by the more sens ...
5707 None No reviews
#18 Camshaft Street/Strip by Steeda
posted by GTRaptor

Get the cam and valve spring package that puts the normally aspirated Steeda GT-40 engine package in the 11.90's at over 113mph! We've tried a bunch of cams and this is the be ...
5633 None No reviews
TFS Stage 1 Camshaft TFS-51402000 by Trick Flow Specialties
posted by RogueS

TFS-51402000 Valve Setting Intake: .000 in. Valve Setting Exhaust: .000 in. Advertised Duration (Degrees): 275 intake/279 exhaust Duration at .050 in. Lift (Degrees): 221 ...
30314 10.00 2 reviews
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