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Ford Street Pro-Billet Distributors by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

The Street Pro-Billet Distributors are the perfect choice for powerful engines that see plenty of street time. A vacuum advance canister provides improved economy and an accur ...
6876 None No reviews
Billet Distributors by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

MSD Ford Billet Distributors are ready to perform on the street or the track! These distributors are built around a great looking billet aluminum housing that has been machine ...
9954 4.25 4 reviews
Small Diameter Pro-Billet Distributers by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

The special housing on these distributers are designed to clear exotic intake and injection combinations on Ford engines. The billet housing measures 5/8" smaller than a stock ...
7346 None No reviews
Pro-Billet Distributers for FE Engines 390, 427, 428 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

This is the distributor that the racers and nostalgic fans have been waiting for! The MSD Pro-Billet FE Distributor equals the performance of the engine itself. The show quali ...
7213 None No reviews
5.0 Dyna-Mod by Performance Distributors
posted by GTRaptor

The 5.0 Dyna-Mod has more electronic dwell in it over a stock module to provide more coil saturation time. This extra dwell time allows the coil to produce a more intense spar ...
5364 5.00 1 reviews
Screamin' Demon Coil by Performance Distributors
posted by GTRaptor

Open up spark plug gaps to a whopping .060" with the Screamin' Demon coil. No drop off in power as RPM's increase. The coil has a brass terminal, rather than aluminum, which p ...
5983 10.00 1 reviews
LiveWires by Performance Distributors
posted by GTRaptor

LiveWires come with space age, heat resistant sleeving to provide protection from exhaust heat. The sleeving is heat treated glass braid and is non-flammable and non-corrosive ...
5009 5.00 2 reviews
Raptor Shift Light by Raptor Performance
posted by Greg_Hager

Self contained. No adaptors, activation modules, "pills", etc. are needed ! Simply turn the two rotary RPM switches for the desired setting, and select the cylinder setting to ...
7190 5.00 1 reviews
Electronic Speedometer Compensator by Sean Hyland Motorsport
posted by ScottHalliday

Changes in tire size and gears will put your speedometer off. SHM offers a simple fix for 99 and later cars with our electronic speedometer compensator. Simply hook up the f ...
5130 None No reviews
EEC Tuner by ShiftMaster
posted by GTRaptor

The EEC Tuner is similar to other aftermarket "chips" or "CalPaks" in that it functions like an external ROM attached to the powertrain control module (PCM). The EEC Tuner goe ...
4714 4.00 1 reviews
4.6 Timing adjuster by Steeda
posted by GTRaptor

To advance or retard the timing with the new Steeda Adjuster owners simply need to loosen the three Allen-head bolts and rotate the clearly marked, laser-etched sprocket on th ...
3726 None No reviews
Tweecer by STKR
posted by GTRaptor

The TwEECer is an adapter which connects to the J3 service port of a Ford EEC PCM (see list of supported processors on our Products page), giving you the ability to substitute ...
4212 None No reviews
TweecerRT by STKR
posted by GTRaptor

The TwEECerRT is an adapter which connects to the J3 service port of a Ford EEC PCM (see list of supported processors on our Products page), giving you the ability to substitu ...
3836 None No reviews
SCT X3 Powerflash Handheld Custom Tuning Device by Tillman Speed
posted by TillmanSpeed

Tillman Speed's SCT X3 Powerflash Handheld Custom Tuning Device comes preloaded with 3 custom tune files of your choice, developed in-house using the Dynojet 224xLC. Tillma ...
3757 None No reviews
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