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Mustang ignition and electronic parts including ignition coils, spark plugs, plug wires, distributer caps, tuners and computer chips.

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posted by Glen

SureGuard, protects and displays the condition of your battery and charging system instantly! Protects engine computer and 12 volt accessories from damaging surges when jump s ...
8071 5.00 1 reviews
DFI Gen VII by Accel
posted by GTRaptor

The new Accel/DFI GEN VII ECU's are specifically designed for high performance engines. The fuel map, engine spark timing, acceleration fuel and all other parameters for fuel ...
5729 None No reviews
DiabloChip by DiabloSport
posted by Sniper

DiabloChip for 1987 and up Ford Vehicles. The DiabloChip was created with one thing in mind, POWER! 10-25% increase in horsepower and torque, depending on application. T ...
9880 7.50 2 reviews
Predator for Mustangs by Diablosport
posted by jsolor7

Computer Tuning Device for 98-04 Mustangs. Also reads fault codes.
12891 9.00 6 reviews
9mm Plug Wires (5.0L/5.8L) by Ford Racing
posted by StalkerStang

Ford Racing 9mm Wire-wound Custom Ignition Wire sets feature low resistance for minimum spark loss. Silicone insulation and boots withstand high temperatures and voltage lo ...
9059 5.80 5 reviews
Plasma Booster by Ignition Solutions
posted by k6vox

Affordable easy to install Igntion device that improves throttle response.100%OBD II compliant and 100% CARB Certified. Performance improvements 5-10HP Average for non- superc ...
9407 5.00 1 reviews
5 Ignition, PN 5200 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

Multiple sparks ensure complete combustion. Sparks last for 20° of crankshaft rotation. Easy to install and is CARB approved. The MSD 5 Ignition Control is our entry l ...
5625 None No reviews
Ignition 6A , PN 6200 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

The 6A is our base capacitive discharge, multiple sparking ignition. It will increase the overall performance of everything from the loaded work truck to the bracket street ca ...
6837 9.00 1 reviews
6T Ignition, PN 6400 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

The 6T is designed for severe duty applications such as off-road and circle track racing. The circuits receive extra vibration protection in the form of additional internal br ...
6163 None No reviews
6AL Ignition, PN 6420 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

The 6AL delivers everything the 6A does with the addition of a built-in Soft Touch Rev Control. This feature allows you to set an rpm limit to protect the engine from over-rev ...
9848 8.00 5 reviews
6BTM Ignition, PN 6462 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

Supercharged or turbo engines will benefit from the 6BTM in more ways than one. Not only do the full energy sparks help burn the fuel mixture, it allows the driver to retard t ...
6736 None No reviews
7AL-2 Ignition, PN 7220 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

The 7AL-2 is the choice of professional racers from six second Pro Stocks to Monster trucks. The CD circuits deliver full energy sparks to the plug throughout 14,000 rpm ensur ...
6774 None No reviews
7AL-3 Ignition, PN 7230 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

The most complete drag racing ignition available! The 7AL-3 is based off the well proven 7AL-2. It features the same capacitive discharge multiple sparks plus offers 20% more ...
5648 None No reviews
10-Plus Ignition, PN 7505 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

For racers with absurd amounts of boost pressure or nitrous being injected, the search for an ignition with the voltage and current output to match, ends with the MSD 10-PLUS. ...
6363 None No reviews
Blaster TFI Coil, PN 8227 by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

Top off your Ford's Ignition system with this great new replacement coil. The Blaster TFI is MSD performance in factory Ford clothing! The windings and construction of this ne ...
10086 5.00 6 reviews
Blaster 2 Coils by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

If you are looking to upgrade your stock coil, or want to compliment the performance of your MSD Blaster Ignition, MSD 5, 6 or 7, the Blaster Coil line is the right choice. Al ...
8259 4.00 2 reviews
Pro-Billet Distributor for Late Model 5.0L Fords by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

These two Pro-Billet Distributors are designed to deliver accurate trigger signals to your modified 5.0L engine. When you start making serious power with your 302, the stock d ...
10162 5.75 4 reviews
Ford Ready-to-Run Pro-Billet Distributors by MSD
posted by ScottHalliday

If you are looking to upgrade your Ford’s distributor look no further! MSD’s new Ready-to-Run Ford Distributors are the perfect upgrade for bulky DuraSpark systems or ancient ...
7029 None No reviews
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