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I purchased the kit for my 2010 Gt from JDM. I knew the system would need a custom tune and fuel system upgrade before I purchased it. JDM put a complete system together. This included the TVS system, SCT and custom tune, GT500 pump kit, Spark plugs and JDM pullies for 13psi. I had a few issues with the TVS kit coming with some 05-09 parts that had to be changed out to 2010 parts. Roush was good about overnighting the parts. Just take your time installing the kit and research your tuner before pulling the trigger! With around 11-12 psi--due to my elevation-- the car made 507hp and 489tq on a DynoJet dyno. Feel free to email me with any questions on installing the TVS in your 2010. I may be able to save you some time!

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